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Insights AC Power Analysis: Part 3, Cyber Resilience - Comments

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    This article talks about difficulties in bringing down the power grid via hacking, even if all cyber security was defeated.
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    Fascinating and equally important!
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    Just as pertinent and beautifully written as the others. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.:smile:
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    The hardest part of implementing EMS and Economic Dispatch via SCADA at the utility I worked for back then was getting the dispatchers to use the system. Computers scared them and were too use to using telephones for buying and selling power; having the power plants ramp a schedule from 10 minutes before to 10 minutes after the top of the hour. Knowing they could control their territory with just telephones, I've never understood why people were so concerned about bringing down the grid by cyber attacks.
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    Great article and we'll written.
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