Quantum statistics Definition and 5 Discussions

Particle statistics is a particular description of multiple particles in statistical mechanics. A key prerequisite concept is that of a statistical ensemble (an idealization comprising the state space of possible states of a system, each labeled with a probability) that emphasizes properties of a large system as a whole at the expense of knowledge about parameters of separate particles. When an ensemble describes a system of particles with similar properties, their number is called the particle number and usually denoted by N.

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  1. Philip Koeck

    A Is there an Expression for Entropy of Fermions or Bosons?

    Is there an expression similar to the Sackur-Tetrode equation that describes the statistical entropy of fermions or bosons, maybe for the electron gas in a metal or the photon gas in a cavity?
  2. D

    I In quantum statistics, inhibition/enhancement factors

    These ideas come from the book Quantum Physics by Eisberg and Resnick (specifically ch11), can anyone explain what the inhibition factor and enhancement factors are in a little more detail? I do not understand what the book is trying to explain, and I can't seem to find these anywhere online...
  3. A

    I Degeneracy in quantum statistics

    degeneracy,this word appears in my textbook many times,but i could not understand what it means in quantum statistics.also in my textbook it is said in bose-einstein statistics that " the deviation from perfect gas behaviour exhibited by bose-einstein gas is called gas degeneracy".but i can't...
  4. erbilsilik

    Expansions of Bose Functions

    Homework Statement To study the thermodynamic behavior of the limit $$z\rightarrow1$$ it is useful to get the expansions of $$g_{0}\left( z\right),g_{1}\left( z\right),g_{2}\left( z\right)$$ $$\alpha =-\ln z$$ which is small positive number. From, BE integral, $$g_{1}\left( \alpha \right)...
  5. erbilsilik

    A Fugacity and Bose gas

    We know that the average occupation number cannot be negative for all systems and chemical potential must be negative in Ideal Bose Gas. This fact leads us to arrive a conclusion for fugacity which is related by chemical potential, as I quoted below: The restriction of the fugacity to the...