quotient groups

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    Proving Subgroup of Z/3Z

    1. Homework Statement I am looking at the quotient group G = Z/3Z which is additive and abelian. The equivalence classes are: [0] = {...,0,3,6,...} [1] = {...,1,4,7,...} [2] = {...,2,5,8,...} I want to prove [0] is a normal subgroup, N, by showing gng-1 = n' ∈ N for g ∈ G and n ∈ N. Since...
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    I Concerning Quotient Groups

    So I'm just beginning to study abstract algebra and I'm not sure I grasp the definition of a quotient group, I believe it probably has to do with the book providing little to no examples. In trying to come up with my own examples, I imagined the following: Consider the Klein four group, if we...