What is Sources of error: Definition and 18 Discussions

A source-monitoring error is a type of memory error where the source of a memory is incorrectly attributed to some specific recollected experience. For example, individuals may learn about a current event from a friend, but later report having learned about it on the local news, thus reflecting an incorrect source attribution. This error occurs when normal perceptual and reflective processes are disrupted, either by limited encoding of source information or by disruption to the judgment processes used in source-monitoring. Depression, high stress levels and damage to relevant brain areas are examples of factors that can cause such disruption and hence source-monitoring errors.

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  1. Adams2020

    The sources of error in a diffraction grating experiment

    In a diffraction grating experiment, what can be the sources of error and also what effect do these sources have on the unknown quantity (wavelength) in the experiment?
  2. TachyonLord

    Sources of errors in a spectrometer experiment

    [Note from mentor: this lacks the homework template because it was originally posted in a non-homework forum.] I know this seems like a very dumb question but every other error I think of has been covered in precautions and the only errors I can think of are dumb ones. Help ! I had to plot the...
  3. Stephen Lanford

    Possible error sources in thermal conductivity experiment?

    Hello, my name is Stephen Lanford and I am currently working on a Physics II lab. I am solving for the thermal conductivity of four materials (glass, plexiglass, pine, and sheetrock) using data from thermal conductivity experiments. The experiments consist of a steam chamber at 100 C, a block...
  4. M

    Sources of Error in a Speed of Sound Experiment

    Homework Statement Determine sources of error which could have affected the results. Some background information: The lab consisted of playing a tone generated by a tone generator above a standing open-closed tube which had water in it. The first harmonic was measured through a computer system...
  5. C

    Kinematics physics lab help sources of error

    1. The problem statement of my lab I have this physics lab where I have to find the maximum velocity and maximum acceleration of a high school student sprinting/running using carbon tape and a spark timer. Which I already did. Now I'm having trouble developing my sources of error section. I hope...
  6. GiantSheeps

    Sources of Error in Flame Test Lab

    Homework Statement In a flame test lab, where different unknown substances are heated and the identity of the substance is determined by the color emitted, what can be some sources of error? Homework Equations n/a The Attempt at a Solution I need three sources of error, and so far I have...
  7. V

    Equilibrium of forces lab- Sources of error spring scale

    I'm doing a lab where we use three strings connected to a ring, with each string attached to separate spring scales. What would be sources of error in this? And how does friction affect my results?
  8. S

    What are some sources of error in this physics lab?

    The lab called on us to use a vacuum tube to determine an electron's charge to mass ratio. Here is a link to the lab: http://www.clemson.edu/ces/phoenix/labs/cupol/eoverm/index.html. What are some sources of error in this lab? I already know that human error and error in measurement can skew...
  9. A

    Possible sources of error in compound pendulum experiment?

    completing my advanced higher physics investigation - measuring acceleration due to gravity for the oscillating mass on a spring experiment so far I have included friction between the nail & oscillating rod as a possible source of error can anyone think of anything else? thank you very much...
  10. D

    Sources of Error in Youngs double slit experiment

    Homework Statement [/B] we used a laser pointer as a light source Homework Equations I'm having trouble looking for an error in the experiment. The Attempt at a Solution
  11. S

    Calorimetry quantifying sources of error

    Homework Statement I am conducting an experiment to determine the specific heat of a certain metal using a typical calorimetry experiment (using a polystyrene cup). I have been asked to list sources of error and quantify them in relation to the total error in the experiment - I have thought...
  12. E

    Sources of error in thermal expansion

    I was just wondering what would be sources of error in calculating thermal expansion
  13. S

    Physics help please - Sources of error in lab experiments

    Physics help please -- Sources of error in lab experiments Ok so i need some help with a few labs.. some I've tried out and a few i just can't get.. what i want to know is whether the limitations and sources of errors that i wrote down for each of these labs are correct or not and what i could...
  14. N

    Sources Of Error: closed air column

    I did an experiment in class to determine the speed of sound. I used the speed of sound in air equation with the room temp at 28°C which was calculated at 348.6m/s. However when doing the experiment I got 329m/s. I just want to know some source of error that may have caused this? I have...
  15. K

    Sources of error for speed of sound lab

    Hi! Last Week we did a Physics lab on Speed of Sound. Two wooden sticks were banged against each other at a distance of 100 m from the wall(Then we went to 200 m, 300m and finally 400m) and the echo was heard and time was measured using a stopwatch. It was a rainy day. Can anybody suggest me...
  16. T

    Help- Physics Momentum Lab Sources of Error

    Hi Everyone! I'm a grade 12 physics student and we conducted a momentum lab. On a frictionless surface, we conducted a simple 2D collision and using the data gathered from that, we had to calculated the momemtums and indicate what type of collision had taken place... that was all fine and done...
  17. J

    Circular Orbits: Sources of Error & Relationship between T and L

    Hi i am doing a lab on circular orbits similar to this one: http://www.batesville.k12.in.us/physics/phynet/mechanics/Circular%20Motion/labs/cf_and_speed.htm I was wondering if someone can tell me what the main sources of error are, as well as the most significant source of error. Also, i...
  18. D

    Sources of Error in Standing Waves Lab

    I have to write an error analysis for my lab report, but am having some trouble making my sources of error clear and precise. The lab itself was a very basic investigation of the relationship between the tension, frequency, and mass per unit length (mu) in a standing wave pattern. Some...