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Homework Help: Possible sources of error in compound pendulum experiment?

  1. Dec 20, 2014 #1
    completing my advanced higher physics investigation - measuring acceleration due to gravity
    for the oscillating mass on a spring experiment

    so far I have included friction between the nail & oscillating rod as a possible source of error

    can anyone think of anything else?

    thank you very much in advance
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    Welcome to the PF.

    I can think of at least 2 more error sources. What do you think they are?
  4. Dec 20, 2014 #3
    well I've obviously included random uncertainties in all measurements, and calibration & scale reading errors in all equipment used eg. metre stick, timer

    I also said sometimes the metre stick will follow a slightly elliptical path due to swaying

    I can't think of any more though

    tah again :)
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    Not the two I was thinking of. What sources of loss can you think of...?
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    What exactly is the experiment here? What quantities are you measuring? How does the spring come into play?
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