What is Spectroscopic notation: Definition and 13 Discussions

Spectroscopic notation provides a way to specify atomic ionization states, atomic orbitals, and molecular orbitals.

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  1. Telemachus

    I Question regarding spectroscopic notation

    I think there are different conventions. Once I worked with XPS, and there we used the spin quantum number, the letter for the orbital, and a number for the energy leverl I think, to characterize photoelectrons. Another notation uses, to characterize an atomic state, the convention...
  2. N

    Magnetic Moment and Spacing of Adjacent Magnetic Substates

    Homework Statement [/B] Consider the hydrogen atom in the 42F5/2 state. Take into account the effects of finestructure (spin-orbit coupling). (a) Write down the spectroscopic notation of the state that the 42F5/2 is degenerate with, in the absence of an external magnetic field. (b) Calculate...
  3. N

    Spectroscopic Notation Problem

    Question (a) Write down the quantum numbers for the states described in spectroscopic notation as 2S3/2, 3D2 and 5P3. (b) Determine if any of these states are impossible, and if so, explain why. (Please note that these could describe states with more than one electron.) My Attempt A) I came...
  4. G

    A Paschen notation for electronic states of Argon atom

    Hello. I think excited states of Argon atom is described by j,l coupling written as (2s+1)[K]J. However, when I read some papers describing cross section data for Argon atom, data are quoted with strange notation, Paschen notation. I tried to study the Paschen notation and found that its form...
  5. A

    I (old?) spectroscopy analysis notation

    Hello, I've been studying spectroscopy in organic molecule and I came across an old data from 1934. 280(5b)(k,i±e), 297(1vd)(e), 354(1vd)(k,e), 378(1vd)(k,e), 398(Ovd) (e), 426(1vd)(k,e), 766(Ovd) (k,e), 807 (Od) (k,e), 817 (lb) (k,e), 842(1vd)(k,e), 862(2)(k,e), 878(3)(k,e), This is a piece...
  6. J

    What are S, L and J for the following states....?

    Homework Statement What are S, L and J for the following states: ##^1S_0, ^2D_{5/2} ^5F_1, ^3F_4## Homework Equations The superscript is defined as: 2S + 1 The subscript is defined as: J = L + S The letter denotes the angular momentum number (s, p, d, f...) starting at s = 0. The Attempt at a...
  7. M

    Spectroscopic notation problem

    Homework Statement Consider a ^3D_X where X=3/2 state. a) What are the possible values of S, L, J and J_z? Homework Equations Spectroscopic notation for this LS coupling is ^YL_J where Y=2S+1. J ranges from|L-S| to |L+S| The Attempt at a Solution Since L=2 and S must be equal to 1, how can...
  8. S

    Quark Model Spectroscopic Notation

    I'm a little confused about what is actually meant by the JP = 1/2 + octet. I'm pretty sure it means the particles must have spin 1/2 in the ground state (l=0) and an even parity but what I'm confused over is the absence of an sss, uuu or ddd state. I understand that this would give I3 = 3/2...
  9. L

    Angular momentum quantum numbers and spectroscopic notation

    Homework Statement find each of the angular momentum quantum numbers and the spectroscopic notation of the ground state electron configuration. Homework Equations n2s+1L J The Attempt at a Solution so for "each of the angular momentum quantum numbers" I am just finding the L in...
  10. P

    What is Spectroscopic Notation and How Does It Affect My Homework?

    Homework Statement see atachment Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spectroscopic_notation no idea why I'm wrong? does the n=4 make it go into the next orbital or something? Thanks
  11. P

    When should the nuclear spin be included in atomic spectroscopic notation?

    Forgive me if this has already been discussed. I've been searching and haven't found it. When summing the spin of an atom in the Russell-Saunders coupling scheme, some texts include the spin of an odd nucleon, and some don't. For example, if an atomic energy state is described as ${3}^P_{2}$...
  12. P

    Question on spectroscopic notation

    Homework Statement This is a problem that was on a quiz. The quiz has already been graded and handed back and the faculty member graded very gently. (This means I passed when I think should not have.) I have thought about the answer I gave at the time and it was pretty bad. My current...
  13. K

    Question about spectroscopic notation

    Greetings, I'm a bit confused about the notation for multi-electron orbitals. For example, you have the notation ^{1}D_{2}, which mean a singlet with S=0 L=2, J=2, right? Now I've come across the notation (in Slater) ^{1}D_{2}^{0} What's the deal with the extra superscript 0?