What is Stagnation: Definition and 35 Discussions

The Era of Stagnation (Russian: Период застоя, Period zastoya, or Эпо́ха засто́я, Epoha zastoya), meaning Stagnation Period, is a term coined by Mikhail Gorbachev in order to describe the negative way in which he viewed the economic, political, and social policies of the Soviet Union that began during the rule of Leonid Brezhnev (1964–1982) and continued under Yuri Andropov (1982–1984) and Konstantin Chernenko (1984–1985). It can sometimes be called the Brezhnevian Stagnation in English.

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  1. rdemyan

    A Is there a stagnation point in turbulent flows not involving solids?

    When two free jets collide at some impingement angle (not necessarily a head on collision), the usual assumption is that in the impingement zone there is a stagnation point around which stream lines are deflected. From this stagnation point, a thin liquid sheet is created, which eventually...
  2. T

    What should be the mathematical way out of QFT's decades stagnation?

    So which should be the best strategy to avoid this hurdle: maybe try and look for a different mathematical object as quantum fields? or rather try and avoid their multiplication in our ways to handle them to obtain predictions? any other ideas? perhaps leave it altogether as not very many...
  3. Deepesh

    Regarding Standard atmospheric conditions

    Why do we take ISA conditions(Atm. Temperature, Atm. Pressure) as static and not stagnation? Thanks
  4. granzer

    Why doesn't the stagnation temperature change in a stator?

    I am studying the rotary compressor and I have understood that the stagnation pressure and stagnation temperature both increase in the rotor stage (as energy is being added). I also read that in the stator stage the stagnation temperature remains a constant but there is loss of stagnation...
  5. F

    Stagnation point and a water dam

    Hello Forum, I am clear on what the pressure at a point ##P## is on the wall of heigh of a dam at a certain depth ##d## below the water free surface: ## \rho g d+P_atm##. The deeper we go the higher the pressure. Now let's consider a different scenario: there is initially no water and water...
  6. A

    Stagnation pressure across a normal shock wave

    A body is reentering the Earth's atmosphere at a Mach number of 20. In front of the body is a shock wave. Opposite the nose of the body, the shock can be seen to be normal to the flow direction. Determine the stagnation pressure and temperature to which the nose is subjected. Assume that the air...
  7. A

    What causes stagnation pressure to change?

    For a real mass-conserved(m dot is constant throughout the system) steady-state mono-substance(same substance throughout) flow , what are the different factors which can cause stagnation pressure and temperature to drop/rise?
  8. M

    Determine supersonic flow velocity, tank to regulator topipe

    Hello All, I am trying to figure out the solution to a problem I am trying to do for fun. I've been trying this for a while and has annoyed me so any help is greatly appreciated! I attached a picture of the problem/ control area to help...
  9. C

    Boundary layer at airfoil stagnation points

    I was reading this: http://www.creatis.insa-lyon.fr/~dsarrut/bib/Archive/others/phys/www.mas.ncl.ac.uk/%257Esbrooks/book/nish.mit.edu/2006/Textbook/Nodes/chap06/node29.html Under the first figure it states "Figure 6.20: The boundary layer at a stagnation point on an airfoil has a constant...
  10. J

    Rayleigh Flow and Stagnation Conditions

    Homework Statement \[/B] The question I want to ask is how do you relate conditions such as To* and To,1 and To,2, where To,1 and To,2 are the stagnation conditions at the entrance and exit. This is the problem I was doing. Standard atmospheric air is drawn steadily through an isentropic...
  11. K

    Measuring Stagnation Pressure with a Manometer

    Hello. We use a manometer to measure the pressure of an air tunnel. The connection of the manometer has to be changed as sometimes water enters the manometer and contaminates the fluid inside. I have attached a picture in which I am showing the now and before of the connection. My question is...
  12. T

    Surge Pressure Stagnation Pressure Static Pressure Bernoulli

    I have trouble understanding why Stagnation Pressure equals Total Pressure when we apply Bernoullis theorem to a constriction. Two different scenarios Scenario 1.A pipe has pressure p_1 , its flow is velocity v_1 and a diameter a_1 ,it has no restriction along its length. Total Pressure Tp_1...
  13. M

    Pitot Tube will not measure stagnation pressure

    I have made a pitot tube that I am using to measure the velocity of air in a pipe. First, I placed the probe into the pipe such that the hole in the probe was parallel to the flow to obtain static pressure. It did this successfully and I proved this using a piezometer. However, I then turned the...
  14. M

    The impact of a rope versus the stagnation pressure of a fluid

    Let \lambda be a linear density of a rope which is moving into a scale at velocity v. The additional force on the scale due to the collision is given as \frac{d p}{d t} = v\frac{d m}{d t} = \lambda v^2 Where as the stagnation pressure from stopping a column of water in excess of static...
  15. S

    Stagnation Pressure question? Help.

    So this is the question I am working on as shown in the attachment. I got stuck in the part that I highlighted, where they divided the Dynamic temperature by 1000. WHY ? Any help will be appreciated, Thank you.
  16. L

    Stagnation Point - Bernoulli Equation

    Homework Statement Can anyone tell me why, in the figure attached, the pressure in the manometer at 1 is a stagnation pressure? I understand that you get stagnation pressure at a stagnation point but point one is below the stagnation point, not on the stagnation point. Therefore how can it be...
  17. R

    Stagnation and Sonic Condition Relationship Question

    Hi I was reading Anderson's Modern Compressible Flow and two of his equations were confusing. I attached the relevant pages on this post. He defined two conditions or state the sonic and stagnation state used to define flows. The sonic state was defined as an adiabatic transition of the...
  18. R

    Solving Stagnation Pressure for Aircraft Flying at 150 mph

    First, let me say I am not a engineering student but just a average person trying to get his pilots license and enjoy working with aerospace problems. My problem is: “An aircraft is flying at 150 mph. The atomspheric pressure is 14.1 lbs./sq in and the temperature is 50 degrees F. Find...
  19. R

    Stagnation Pressure on Airfoil

    First, let me say I am not a engineering student but just a average person trying to get his pilots license and enjoy working with aerospace problems. My problem is: “An aircraft is flying at 150 mph. The atomspheric pressure is 14.1 lbs./sq in and the temperature is 50 degrees F. Find the...
  20. K

    Stefan–Boltzmann law: Which applies? Stagnation temperature or static temperature?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stagnation_temperature It appears to me that if we have two fluids which are in "heat conduction" contact with each other, then the body with the highest stagnation temperature will transfer heat to the body with the lowest stagnation temperature. However, it...
  21. G

    Stagnation Point Flow: Time to Reach Stagnation Point from a Streamline

    Homework Statement The motion described by the Eulerian velocity, v, is given as v = c(x1e1 - x2e2) is called stagnation point flow. How long will it take a particle traveling on a streamline to reach the stagnation point? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I really...
  22. U

    Understanding what a stagnation point is in compressible flow

    Suppose we have a flow of a fluid and let it flow (in x direction) into a stationary wall..the x velocity becomes zero...is this an example of stagnation point? If not, please cite an example of when that is true.
  23. R

    Stagnation Point Heating - enthelpy at the wall

    Using the Fay-Riddell correlation, I can solve for the stagnation point heat transfer but I'm running into a snag. I'm doing this for a thermo-chemical equilibrium assumption. I'm confused with the enthalpy at the wall. I'm assuming a wall that is not adiabatic, but at some wall temp Tw. If I...
  24. G

    How do I find the pressure coefficient at the stagnation point?

    a. A very large reservoir of pressurized air feeds a contraction and forms a free jet of air of circular cross section and diameter 60 cm in a laboratory, where the ambient pressure is atmospheric. A Pitot static tube is arranged in the jet and attached to a vertical U-tube manometer containing...
  25. S

    Stagnation points for flow around a cylinder

    i was just wondering how you'd go about finding the location of stagnation points for an incompressible flow around a cylinder if you know what the stream function is? Thanks!
  26. W

    Speed of a partical as it approaches stagnation point

    Homework Statement s = 0.6ft upstream @ t=0 s = 0.6 e^(-0.5 t) where t is in seconds and s is in ft a) Determine the speed of the particle as a function of time Vpart(t) b) Determind the speed of the of the fluid as a function of the position along the streamline V=V(s) c)...
  27. Mk

    Real Wages: 30 Years of Stagnation and Decline

    Chomsky says in this video that "Real wages have either stagnated or declined for about 30 years." A commenter says: "Real wages for working people stagnated in the late 70's, started a steady decline around 1980, and they continued to decline right through the "so-called Clinton Recovery...
  28. M

    Stagnation pressure and Stagnation Points

    Homework Statement Hi there, Im currently doing my A2 physics project on Supersonic flight. I am really struggling to understand the concept of Stagnation pressure, it just really hasn't clicked yet. I understand that the fluid 'responds' to pressure waves by building up stagnation pressure and...
  29. Saladsamurai

    Understanding Stagnation Pressure in Cooling Fans

    Okay. So I am slowly being introduced to some CFD modelling and stagnation pressure keeps coming up as one of the variables. We are modelling coolers, which of course have a fan(s) that distribute the cool air. What exactly are we saying if a fan has high or low stag pressure? I looked...
  30. S

    Stagnation pressure for attached shock

    Hi, does anyone know the definition of "stagnation pressure" at the tip of a slender body with attached oblique shockwave? Since the shockwave is completely "attached" to the pointing tip, I think that there is no flow "behind" the shock at the tip. So I proceed to think that the...
  31. A

    GMRES Stagnation: Showing ||rk||2=||r0||2 for k=1,2,3

    Homework Statement Let A be the 4x4 matrix with elements in positions (1,2), (2,3), (3,4), and (4,1) equal to 1, and all other elements equal to zero. Let b = e1 and x0-0. Show that ||rk||2=||r0||2 for k=1,2,3. Here, rk=Axk-b where xk is the iterate produced by GMRES in iteration k...
  32. 4

    How Is Stagnation Pressure Calculated for an Airplane Wing at Altitude?

    Homework Statement When an airplane is flying 200mph at 5000-ft altitude in a standard atmosphere, the air velocity at a certain point on the wing is 273 mph relative to the airplane. What suction pressure is developed on the wing at that point? What is the pressure at the leading edge ( a...
  33. J

    Question regarding stagnation state and process

    question regarding stagnation state and process! stagantion state: it is reference state defined as the thermodynamic state which would exist if the fluid were brought to zero velocity and zero potential. this is the definition from the textbook fundamentals of gas dynamics b Zucker R.D...
  34. G

    Help with static and stagnation pressure

    I am currently very confused about how an altimeter works. I understand that stagnation pressure is the pressure of bringing the flow to rest, and that static pressure is the pressure flowing with the fluid (air in this case). What i don't understand is that the static port is used for...
  35. M

    Velocity and Temp. profiles for stagnation point (m=1)

    Hi, Can anyone assist me in the findings of the velocity and temp. profiles for stagnation point flow (m=1) for Varoius values of Pr (.6,1,1.5,5,10). At this moment I am using Matlab's ode45 to solve this problem along with applying the Blasius Eqn (f''' +1/2f*f''=0) and Energy Eqn...