What is Study tips: Definition and 23 Discussions

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  1. Vividly

    Studying Inquisitive studying bad for short term success and good 4 long term?

    Im having a issue with studying physics. When I receive a HW problem I dive deep into the problem in a holistic way. I tend to start solving problems that are related to the HW problem but are not the HW problem itself. For instance, I received a pendulum problem and was asked to find its...
  2. R

    Courses What do I do to catch up on Physics 1?

    I am a nanobiology student about to start her 2nd year. This year I only had 2 physics courses and I did pretty bad in both. As I start my second year I would like to be very prepared in physics since we will have way more of this subject. Are there some books or tips you have to catch up on...
  3. N

    Efficient Study Tips for Physics, Math, and Engineering Subjects

    Hi i been intressted in physics, along with math, computer science mostly ai, and electrical engineering for circuits and robotics. thing is time is limited as we all know, and i wonder how to study most time efficient. Right now i am reading through an electromagnetic physics book and i am...
  4. L

    Studying How to self-study advanced books like Weinberg's QFT?

    Although the question came to my mind while studying Weinberg's QFT books, the doubt is much more general than that, and is not a doubt about physics, but rather about how to actually study and learn the topic alone from the book. From one point I agree that coming up with this doubt nearly...
  5. N

    MHB Study Tips: Self-Studying Math Books

    I am planning to read and study a book in math. How do you guys take notes when reading Mathematics books? I don't go to class anymore. I plan to self-study it. Any tips would be helpful! Thanks.
  6. O

    General study tips for Physical Geology?

    Hey everyone, I am a CS major, and part of my curriculum has me taking 2 sequences in various sciences. Initially I wanted to do physics & chemistry. I ended up taking Physics I, but am unable to take Physics II next semester due to scheduling conflicts; thus this summer I am taking the first...
  7. Erebus_Oneiros

    Studying How do you effectively self-study physics using a textbook?

    How do you effectively self-study physics using a textbook? Defining "effective" (in decreasing order of priority): - Understand the topics more at the conceptual level than "standard problem solving/plug n chug" level. Think final goal being to prepare for research in the field or like a...
  8. T

    Study tips for Gen-Ed classes?

    Hi all, I'm a freshman that's about to begin my second semester taking 3 technical courses and 1 gen-ed course. I've gotten accustomed to studying for math and science classes in university, but I have to take this non-western gen-ed (and due to scheduling conflicts with my main 3 classes, I'm...
  9. B

    Could you help me about my mathematics note-taking skill?

    Dear Physics Forum friends, I am a rising college junior in US with a major in mathematics. I recently noticed a problem in my note-taking skill in the mathematics, both from the textbooks and lectures. When I was a microbiology major, I wrote extensive amount of notes from my books and...
  10. M

    Study Tips (For multiple conditions) -- Mech Engineer Studies

    I'm currently a mechanical engineering student and many courses that I take involve topics that have multiple conditions. For instance if event "A" happens then apply Table "a" or Equation "aa". It becomes difficult to solve problems when topics have multiple conditions especially when similar...
  11. D

    Circuit analysis and general study tips

    The more work I do in the field of EE, the more I realizing that my general circuit analysis skills are usually the root of my confusion and could use improvement. Even after putting on my break-a-big-problem-into-smaller-pieces hat, I still find myself confused about the relationships between...
  12. P

    Need some tips to study physics

    I need some tips studying about 1. Angular momentum and numerical problems based on angular momentum 2. Capillary action numerical problems based on them 3.Free body diagrams for force and numerical problems based on them 4. Elastic and inelastic collisions and numerical problems based on them
  13. Patolord

    How can i stop talking to myself while studying?

    For some reason every time i try to solve some exercises i keep saying them out loud. I can`t stand my voice anymore please help! x) Anyone else has this damn problem?
  14. R

    How does one become Tony Stark? (the Engineer, not the Iron

    If you were starting with no applicable background, no engineering degree, nothing except for a lot of free time and a moderate amount of money to spend, how would you become Tony Stark? No limits on time, whether it's 6 months or 60 years, how would you go from Joe the VCR clock programmer to...
  15. eseefreak

    Discrete math study strategy - Tips and advice

    Hi everyone, I haven't been successful in Discrete Math this semester. I have finished all of the calculus I-III series and I did very well. I want to know if anyone can give me some tips on how to study for my final coming up in a few days. Now, I understand that is a vague question but I am...
  16. B

    Study Tips for Physics Tests: Overcome Low Scores & Improve Grades

    Hello, I'm now enrolled in a class that talks about charge, electric field, magnetic field, and inductance. I really need help on how to study smart for physics test. I've been studying physics for 2 weeks until the test. Every time I took it, I still get the low scores on the test. The...
  17. L

    Study tips that are non conventional ?

    Here are some: Skip class if the teacher is not very good at lecturing and stay at home using that time to teach yourself the lesson to understand the material, or come to class but do homework (for that class, or for other classes during the non effective lecture.) (But only do that if the...
  18. PrincePhoenix

    Study Tips for High School Students

    I am just wandering how everyone studies or what good study methods are. My father tells me to read the topics the night before the lecture, then listen to the lecture carefully and then study the topic again after coming home on that day. (I'm in first year of Higher secondary school, K-11...
  19. W

    Thermo Final Study Tips: Proving Heat Flow from Hot to Cold Einstein Solid

    Hey guys, I have my final exam in a week for my thermodynamics class. So far this year, things have been sort of roller-coaster-like. I did poorly on my first test because I was caught completely off guard. On my second test, I raised my grade substantially to the point where I was...
  20. R

    Grade 12 Kinematics Test Study tips?

    1. The problem statement, Last year in physics i did good on every test but the kinematics test. i got a 69% on it... Now i am in Grade 12 physics and my Kinematics Test is tuesday. We are given a formula sheet. I don't want to get another 69% on a kinematics test, i want to do good, like 75...
  21. B

    Biotechnology/Biochemistry study tips

    Hi everyone, I usually see people asking for self-study tips or more physics and engineering tips. Well I was wondering if some of the Biochemists could help me out. I am currently applied to a Biotechnology program in the second year. Since Biotechnology takes heavily from Biochemistry I was...
  22. O

    Study Tips Help: Get Ready for Your Certification Test

    Study Tips! Help! So I have two weeks left 'till I take an advanced certification test for my job! I need to cram big time. It's been years since I've been in school (even there I didn't really study) so my study skills have declined over the years. What tips and tricks do you use? Thanks!:biggrin:
  23. C

    Is Recording Lectures and Using Different Study Techniques Effective?

    When you study, do you take notes on a laptop/computer or by pen and pencil. Also, what do you think about recording lectures? When reading a textbook, do you highlight certain points (do you read it like a novel or do you scan it over?)? Any other study tips/tricks that you might have are...