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Study Tips (For multiple conditions) -- Mech Engineer Studies

  1. Jul 13, 2015 #1
    I'm currently a mechanical engineering student and many courses that I take involve topics that have multiple conditions. For instance if event "A" happens then apply Table "a" or Equation "aa". It becomes difficult to solve problems when topics have multiple conditions especially when similar topics cross link ideas because all the conditions become intertwined.

    My questions is, are there any techniques that work for you that help "detangle" ideas of two or more similar topics having conditions?

    I am currently reading about fatigue failure and would like to apply these techniques
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    jack action

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    Don't take Table "a" or Equation "aa" for granted. Answer the following questions: Where does it come from? How did someone came up with that table or equation in the first place? Once you will understand that, it will be a lot clearer what is the proper use for the table or equation.

    Then build yourself some kind of flowcharts to solve problems. Building a computer program (or even a simple Excel worksheet) is a good way to make sure your flowchart works.

    You will soon discover that a lot of subjects have very similar approach and logic.

    When I studied for a final exam, I remember that I had a goal: I had to resume the studied subject on a single sheet of paper. If it was more than that, then it meant I did not understood what were the basics. In the attached file, you have a copy of my actual study sheet for my material failure class (Yep, I've kept everything!). I've added some notes in red for you to follow a little bit more my train of thoughts (and my writing!). Note where I wrote «Steps->»: These are my over simplified «flowcharts» to determine the safety factor for a fatigue analysis. There are some references to book pages, which at the time meant something (studied so hard, you end knowing it by heart).

    Of course, this study sheet might not be ideal for you; you will have to make your own which will make more or less emphasis on certain subjects depending on where your difficulties are.

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