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Homework Help: Grade 12 Kinematics Test Study tips?

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    1. The problem statement,
    Last year in physics i did good on every test but the kinematics test.
    i got a 69% on it...

    Now i am in Grade 12 physics and my Kinematics Test is tuesday.
    We are given a formula sheet.
    I dont want to get another 69% on a kinematics test, i want to do good, like 75 and up.

    Im just wondering if anyone has any study tips on how i will succeed with my goal.
    I guess the main question im asking is for tips on how to interpret the question quick and correctly, because my math is fine.
    Practice test links would be great also.

    Any tips are GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks Ryan
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    My best advice would be not to use the formula sheet at all. Just remember these two equations:

    velocity final = velocity intial + acceleration * time

    displacement = velocity_initial * time + (1/2)acceleration * time ^ 2

    You can use them simultaneously to solve any kinematic problem.
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    That is a great tip thank you!
    ill try to use just those 2 formulas when i am doing practice questions tonight.
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    There's really only one formula you need to remember, and it itself is a consequence of integrating constant acceleration (i.e. gravitational acceleration). Using this equation you can re-derive via algebra all the others in a matter of seconds, but yeah the two mentioned here are the ones I remember and use (the other one being very useful for the Kinetic Energy derivation).

    x = x₀ + v₀t + ½at² (as was already mentioned).

    And the second (in snazzy notation :rolleyes:)
    v² = v₀² + 2a(x - x₀)


    If you'd like an amazing lecture on why this equation works so well & how all of the other eq's are conceptually derived you should watch the first lecture in the above link, it's only 45 mins (well, you should at least watch the start of the second lecture too for the review).

    Once you've got the equations down I advise you to do a lot of practice problems, especially on concepts like range and trajectory, as they did seem to trip me up a few times. The seperation into x & y coordinates is really a blessing when you figure out that it's not just a means of torturing you :tongue2:
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    thanks a million =)
    i will definitely watch the video
  7. Feb 23, 2010 #6
    test was a piece of cake =D
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