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  1. E

    Could you show me a super capacitor's charging circuit? :(

    What is the fastest circuit to charge a supercapacitor?? could you show me??
  2. D

    Which supercapacitor range is needed to run a 48V DC motor?

    I'm doing a project where I need to hand power for dc motor (12V or 24V) and charge a super capacitor, and then use it to drive another 48V dc motor. I want to know which Super capacitor will be suitable? Please give suggestions for Super capacitor specifications for both 12V and 24V that will...
  3. P

    Do Joule Thief's Work With Supercapacitors

    I have a supercapcitor to power some of my small projects. The only problem is that the voltage drops gradually, unlike a lithium ion battery, in which the voltage is mostly stable throughout. My boost converter that I am using to boost the voltage up to 5 volts, stops working with an input...
  4. P

    Capacitor Voltage Draw

    If I am charging a super capacitor with buck converter, that is a 1 amp, 1-18 volt output, and the capacitor is rated for 2.5 volts, how do I stop the buck converter from feeding it more than 2.5 volts? When I attach the capacitor to my digital power supply, it starts charging, and the voltage...
  5. Shadow-Shocker

    Supercapacitor question

    Can a supercapacitor be a power supply?