What is Triangulation: Definition and 30 Discussions

In trigonometry and geometry, triangulation is the process of determining the location of a point by forming triangles to the point from known points.

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  1. D

    Home project: Kilogram Force on wheel bearings

    Hi all. I'm designing a custom spare wheel carrier for my 4wd and currently seeking knowledge on which bearings to use, so I need to work out what force on the bearings will be when it's open (closed will be locked and fully supported!) The example image is simplified for calculation. Close...
  2. D

    How Can I Maximize My Learning Potential as a New Scientist?

    Hi everyone! New member here, not much smarter than a monkey but willing to learn. Thanks for the opportunity to learn from yas!
  3. AfonsoDeAlbuquerque

    A Triangulating Hamiltonian Constraint in LQG

    Im trying to obtain regularized (and triangulated) version of Hamiltonian constraint in the LQG. However, one step remains unclear to me. I am starting with the Euclidean Hamiltonian:$$H_E=\frac{2}{\kappa} \int_\Sigma d^3 x N(x)\epsilon^{abc} \text{Tr}(F_{ab},\{A_c,V\}) $$ Now i have to...
  4. TheHeraclitus

    I Ontology of Causal Dynamical Triangulation

    Also, what does Sabine mean in this video by the sentence: (5:51 in the video) Thank you!
  5. H

    A Triangulation and Discrete Volume Spectrum in Covariant LQG

    What is often said in Covariant LQG is that the triangulation is a truncation, and is not what is responsible for the discrete volumes one ends up with in the theory. Rather, what is responsible is the discrete spectra of the volume operator acting on the nodes of a spin network. My confusion...
  6. M

    Gravitational wave source triangulation

    In my new novel, Handwavium, renowned genius physics Professor Samuel Clements Silver has created a prototype gravitational wave radio. For plot purposes, the protagonist needs to use the signal to triangulate his location. I know LIGO has three detectors and have seen reports of sources like...
  7. Wikeboy

    Calculatethe direction of a wave

    To start of, I'm new to physics Forums. My thoughts this evening are directed to a physics question. "How to calculate a direction of a wave". The things i believe i need is three sensors that indicates When the wave passes the equipment. I will measure each specific time and compare them...
  8. C

    Triangulating Sound: Creating an Extensible Algorithm

    I would like to be able to triangulate a sound's location based on the inputs of two robotic sensors. I know this involves trigonometry, but I am a little out of practice. I think the practice of triangulation also is useful for radio signals. I would like to create a triangulation algorithm...
  9. N

    A Casual dynamical triangulation?

    Is CDT a QFT? Can QFT be used with it to explain fundamental particles?
  10. J

    A How to calculate 2D Trilateration Step by Step

    I am trying to code Trilateration but I am not familiar with the math behind it. even though there is an explanation on Wikipedia in this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trilateration and a almost better explanation in here...
  11. P

    I Triangulation of circle and disk in R2

    I am studying topology right now and am a bit confused about the idea of triangulation. The definition is: if a topological space X is homeomorphic to a polyhedron K (union of simplexes) then X is triangulable and K is a (not necessarily unique) triangulation. Apparently ## K_0 \equiv {1} \cup...
  12. C

    Causal Dynamic Triangulation Question

    Hi, in CDT, when one generates a random spacetime path to use in a calculation, what is the distribution of the angles of the triangles? Is it just the flat distribution between 0 and 90 degrees, some sort of gaussian thing, or something else? I've asked on Stack Exchange and Quora, and no one...
  13. Anton Alice

    Laser triangulation / Range finder

    Hello. On a german wiki article I have found the operation principle of a range finder: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abstandsmessung_(optisch)#Lasertriangulation Here are two pictures for illustration: The Laser, the CCD sensor, and the lens are in a fixed relation to each other, inside a...
  14. thorq

    Parallel string walking between two threaded cylinders?

    Hello, I have a problem that seems to have beaten me. I want to make a cable-driven reduction system between a threaded rod (pinion) and a larger threaded cylinder. Because of string walking, the string between the two has to stay at all times straight, parallel to the ground so that...
  15. V

    Using triangulation to find distance....

    Hi, There's something I'm having difficulty understanding in the triangulation method of finding distances. Just trying to understand the principle. If two objects have the same apparent size and are placed at different distances, wouldn't our measurement of angles be the same for both? E.g the...
  16. M

    Point Triangulation in Fixed Space

    Hello, I'm an undergraduate electornics engineer. I'm trying to design a system where I am able to find my relative position in a room. Using electronics, I am able to find the angles between the corners of the room, as observed from the point. I also know the dimensions of the room...
  17. A

    Inverse linear algebra problem for stereo triangulation

    Hello everyone, I have been using the well-known Cal Tech camera calibration toolbox built by Jean-Yves Bouguet for stereo triangulation. Part of the toolbox's utility is that it's able to give 3D world coordinates from 2D coordinates in stereo image pairs, given a set of camera...
  18. N

    Casual Dynamical Triangulation

    I came across casual dynamical trangulation with is closely related to loop quantum gravity and I found the theory very attractive. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Causal_dynamical_triangulation There was one thing that caught my attention that I didn't really understand. What do they mean by...
  19. A

    Can Triangulation and Pivoting Derive U and V for Pseudo-Arclength Continuation?

    Homework Statement [Dx De ; 0 0 ].[ U ; V ] = [ 0 0 ] U : Nx1 vector V : a scalar Dx : NxN matrice ( dL / dx ) De : Nx1 vector ( dL / dE ) L is set of equations ( N amount ) E is a parameter in equations x is unknowns ( N amount ) I need to derive U and V ( tangent vector...
  20. inflector

    Exploring Causal Dynamical Triangulation

    I've read the references in Wikipedia and most of the Loll et al. papers. At wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Causal_dynamical_triangulation I read: This sounds logical, but the mechanism doesn't make sense to me. For example, in the July 2008 Scientific American article...
  21. B

    Triangulation of Torus, Algorithms for Calculating Simplicial Homology

    Hi, everyone: A couple of points, please: 1) I am reviewing last semester's Simplicial Homology. I was able to do a triangulation of the torus T2=S1xS1 , and I was able to do a triangulation of T2 , although the best I could do was use 18 triangles. (the...
  22. G

    Triangulation: Locate Point with 3 Sensors

    I have 3 sensors I know the distance between. They report to me 0.58V when no change is found and when a change is found they report .64V .79V .66V for example. Would it be possible to locate the point where the item is?
  23. D

    Triangulation of Convex Polygon: Prove Cn-2 Ways

    Homework Statement A triangulation of a convex polygon is a decomposition of the polygon into triangles whose interiors do not overlap and whose vertices lie at vertices of the polygon. Prove that there are Cn−2 ways to triangulate an n-sided convex polygon Homework Equations cn=...
  24. B

    Triangulation Report: History, Math & Real World Apps

    Hello, I am doing a research paper for my Trigonometry class on the topic of Triangulation. I am not asking for papers or anything, but I need some advice, rather more background on the topic. (I didn't think that this would be appropriate for the HW forum). I have to do two pages on...
  25. D

    Roller Coaster Hill Height Formula | Triangulation Problem Solution

    Homework Statement Derive a formula to calculate the height of the top of a hill on a roller coaster using triangulation. Final answer should be in terms of d, angle 1, and angle 2. There are two points on the ground. Angle 1 is the angle formed between the ground and a line that goes...
  26. D

    Roller coaster triangulation problem

    Homework Statement Derive a formula to calculate the height of the top of a hill on a roller coaster using triangulation. Final answer should be in terms of d, angle 1, and angle 2. There are two points on the ground. Angle 1 is the angle formed between the ground and a line that goes...
  27. N

    Triangulating Sound Sources Using Time Differences: A Numerical Approach

    This is really a brain fart I had from thinking about this homework problem: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?p=1661639#post1661639 But if I have three mics set up in a triangle, a sound source at an unknown location (inside or outside of the triangle) and all I know is which...
  28. L

    3D closed-form triangulation solution

    Hi, I have 3 points in 3D space whose positions are known to me and a third target point, whose position I am trying to find. I can obtain the distance between each of the 3 points and the target point. I can easily get 3 equations to obtain the 3 coordinate variables, but these equations are...
  29. E

    Ping Triangulation: Is It Possible?

    Is it possible to, with any accuracy, physically locate a computer given a network of computers whose physical location is already known? The idea is that the target machine is pinged by a network of machines the physical location you already know, and based on ping times, you triangulate the...
  30. MathematicalPhysicist

    Is a 3D Line Really Just a 1D Object?

    im reading about the subject Trajectory Triangulation from here: http://www.faculty.idc.ac.il/avidan/Traj-Trian-Pami.pdf i haven't finished reading (so perhaps it explained in further pages) and i encoutered to words 3D line. now i presume D represents dimension so the next question is how...