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1 Nursing associates degree online a good idea?

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    what schools should i try? how much is the registration fee? know anyone who liked it?
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    For the sake of any future patients, please go to a real school and do this. There are many community colleges that offer 2-year nursing degrees.
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    Also, if you will try to find a job as an assistant in a medical practice, the practice may foot some or most of your cost to attend CC nights to become a nurse. They may are may not require you to agree to work for them for a number of years after you are certified so that they can benefit from having another licensed professional on staff. It can be tough to get and keep good nurses, though private medical practices with stable weekly hours have fewer problems than hospitals with shift-nurses and mandatory weekend/vacation coverage.
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    Nursing is a hands-on, in-person job, and thus the teaching of it should be as well. While some of the coursework covered in lectures could be accomplished online, other equally important parts cannot. One option you might be able to find is a program where some of the lectures are done online but you still attend classes for the laboratory/hands-on learning one or two days a week instead of every day. This might be more reasonable for someone who is trying to balance a job, or doesn't live close to the school, and still fit in their classes. I would not trust anything that is completely online to provide an adequate training in that field though.
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