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19 credits next semster, community college

  1. Nov 3, 2013 #1
    Hello everyone, I am currently in my second semester of community college and I am curious of what you guys think of my schedule and how I could possibly improve it. I intend to transfer to UCLA's Biophysics degree, which has the most lower division requirements I have seen. I will have to take 10 units of biology for Bio majors, 2 semesters of chem which is usual but then 2 semesters of Organic chemistry, then 3 semesters of physics all the way up to modern physics. This is just required to transfer, so I will be here for a few years. I chose this major because I have a large interest in biology, chemistry and physics. Mostly physics, and this major will encompasses 2 quarters of QM, 2 quarters CM some thermo physics and a soft materials lab. I will also get physical chemistry, a upper division physical organic chemistry class and a cellular biology class. This major just sounds too good to be true for me. Anyways, here is my classes for the semesters.
    I am currently taking 14 units and will get about a 3.55 this semester as my first in college and I learned from my mistakes I made of not knowing any study habits.

    I will be taking a

    4 credit Intro to chem class (I skipped regular chem in high school and took a semester of AP chemistry and then graduated early, this will not count for my college)

    5 credit Pre calculus Algebra

    4 credit English course for GE (Will have to take a second one later on)

    3 credit physical anthropology class for GE

    3 credit second course in Art history (Took the first one on ancient civilizations, now this will be the one on the renaissance. First class was very easy.)
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    Which CC are you at?
  4. Nov 3, 2013 #3
    I am at Cuesta Community College, how come?
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    Just curious, I know a couple of the professors who teach those classes at Palomar, and City, since you wanted to go to UCLA I thought you might in that socal area.

    For example, if you were doing the Chem 110 at Palomar I'd tell you to drop it. The lady that teaches it has a PhD in organic chem, and teaches hardcore. As a result, most students who take her fail, miserably so. So you'd need a lot more time for study to do well.

    You could always look at ratemyprofessor.com and look at what some people say about the professors of the GE classes you're doing. Regardless of the softball level of the courses, it's still a heavy course load to do 19 units in one term. Your English, art, and anth class could involve a lot of writing, general chem will involve tons of memorization, and precalc is a very important class that will require serious study from you. Avoid softball classes for chem and precalc if at all possible.
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    Alright, thank you very much. My chem professor has a P.h.D in biochem and the other has a Ph.D in chemical engineering from Europe. I expect the courses to be tough, but id rather not take a cake chem class or pre cal as I really want to learn the material. I am also considering UCSD and UC riverside because they also have programs in biophysics. These are a specialization within the major while at UCLA it is an entire major.
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    Tough classes are good, tough classes for things like Art history maybe not so much. That's were talking to people at your school about the professors you'll have for those GE classes is important.

    If you plan on really getting into your chem and precalc course, you'll have to remember you'll still have tons of papers for english, art history, ect. Maybe dropping the anthropology or art history class this term would advisable.

    But it's hard to say really, there are so many things I can't tell about you and those classes by reading your question.
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    The thing is, I will need to take so many units for the next 3 years. Starting next year every semester I will be taking 2 science classes and a math class, this puts me up to 15 units and then I will need to add a GE as well. that will put me up to 18 units and that will barely get me done with all my GE's and major requirements. Biophysics just has so many lower division requirements it is not even funny. I feel like intro to chem and precalcus will be easy enough that I can use this semester to get 3 of the GE;s done (art history, physical anthro, and english) would you think maybe instead dropping the english course which is 4 units and replace it with a different GE class that will cover my other requirements? Or I am also thinking of getting my language requirement done for the UC's which is 5 units, so then I can drop the english and a GE and take a language course now and that will put me at 17. So many decisions, my goodness :P
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    You can't transfer without English 100 and an English/Critical thinking course. No matter how many units you have, a UC won't take you. So no, don't drop English.

    You only get up to 70 transferable UC credits, after that point classes will just start meeting GE requirements. To transfer to any UC, you have to have completed two English classes, a Quant course, and 4 courses in humanities, natural sciences, or social sciences. You need 60 credits to be considered an upper division transfer.

    Have you meet with a transfer councilor yet? I didn't have the IGETC done. Have you looked at assist.org?

    Maybe you just need to do the IGETC and enroll in TAG, maybe you should focus on major prep. These are questions a councilor can assist you with. In my view, you'd be served better by doing all your major prep, and taking GE only when it's reasonable and you have time. Also keep in mind that UCLA isn't the easiest UC to get into, and you should also think about backup UC schools and check their assist.org.

    Two years of 15 credits per normal term + 6 during the summer term = 36 per year, or 66 (with the summer term dropped) in two years. No need to kill yourself doing credits that won't transfer.

    If you don't do all the GE it depends on your program and subcollege if they have them at UCLA whether you'll still need to make up your GE.


    You really need to talk to someone at your school, IGETC doesn't appear to be recommended for this major:

    Listed below are the lower division preparation courses for the major. At a
    minimum, you must complete one year of calculus with analytical geometry and one
    year of calculus-based physics(mechanics, electricity and magnetism). All
    preparatory courses must be completed by the spring term prior to transfer. All
    courses must be taken for a letter grade. For more information regarding
    preparation for this major and UCLA's transfer selection process, visit
    www.slavic.ucla.edu and www.admissions.ucla.edu.

    PHYSICS 1A & Physics for Scientists (5)|PHYS 201 & Engineering Physics (4)
    and |
    Engineers:Mechanics |
    PHYSICS 1B & Physics for Scientists (5)|PHYS 202 & Engineering Physics (4)
    and |
    Engineers:Oscillations |
    , Waves, Electric and |
    Magnetic Fields |
    PHYSICS 1C & Physics for Scientists (5)|PHYS 203 Engineering Physics (4)
    and |
    Engineers:Electrodynam |
    ics, Optics, and |
    Special Relativity |
    PHYSICS 4AL & Physics Laboratory for (2)|
    Scientists and |
    Engineers:Mechanics |
    PHYSICS 4BL Physics Laboratory for (2)|
    Scientists and |
    Engineers:Electricity |
    and Magnetism |
    PHYSICS 17 Elements of Quantum (4)|No course articulated
    Mechanics and |
    Statistical Mechanics |
    PHYSICS 87 Introduction to (4)|No course articulated
    Biophysics |
    CHEM 20A Chemical Structure (4)|CHEM 111 General Chemistry (5)
    CHEM 20B Chemical Energetics and (4)|CHEM 112 General Chemistry (5)
    Change |
    CHEM 30A Organic Chemistry I: (4)|CHEM 211 Organic Chemistry (5)
    Structure and Reactivity |
    CHEM 30B Organic Chemistry II: (4)|CHEM 212 Organic Chemistry (5)
    Reactivity, Synthesis, |
    and Spectroscopy |
    LIFESCI 2 Cells, Tissues, and (4)|BIOL 200 & Principles of Biology (5)
    Organs |
    |BIOL 201 Principles of Biology (5)
    LIFESCI 3 Introduction to (4)|BIOL 202 Molecular (4)
    Molecular Biology | Biology/Genetics
    LIFESCI 23L Introduction to (2)|No course articulated
    Laboratory and |
    Scientific Methodology |
    LIFESCI 4 Genetics (5)|BIOL 202 Molecular (4)
    | Biology/Genetics
    MATH 31A & Differential and Integral (4)|MATH 170 & Analytic Geometry and (4)
    Calculus | Calculus I
    MATH 31B Integration and Infinite (4)|MATH 190 Analytic Geometry and (4)
    Series | Calculus II
    MATH 32A & Calculus of Several (4)|MATH 220 Analytic Geometry and (4)
    Variables | Calculus III
    MATH 32B Calculus of Several (4)|
    Variables |
    MATH 33A Linear Algebra and (4)|MATH 240 Calculus and (4)
    Applications | Differential Equations
    Listed below are additional degree requirements for this major that are
    strongly recommended and can be met with community college courses:
    LIFESCI 1 Evolution, Ecology, and (5)|BIOL 200 Principles of Biology (5)
    Biodiversity |
    MATH 33B Differential Equations (4)|MATH 240 Calculus and (4)
    | Differential Equations
    PHYSICS 18L Modern Physics (4)|No course articulated. Course must be
    Laboratory |taken at UCLA.

    You have over 50 units of major prep thats doable in your CC, you still need 8 units of english on top of that, you might also want to do a language if you haven't in HS.

    Go talk to someone.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2013
  10. Nov 3, 2013 #9
    I took intro to chem and a 5 credit precalc-trig combo course, along with 3 other GE requirements, and made an A in everything. It was 18 credits. It wasn't that tough. I'm not making good grades like that now, so it's not like I'm smart.
  11. Nov 3, 2013 #10
    Depending on how comfortable you are with the math that will be covered in your algebra class I'd say your schedule is do-able. I'm currently taking 19 hours and it is pretty rough to be honest. I have calc3, physics 1 + lab, gen chem 1 + lab, english 101 and western civilization 1. I never took physics or chemistry in high school and I greatly underestimated these courses. This is at a university and not a community college, but honestly I'm not sure how much the difficulty would vary for such introductory courses. Probably not too much I'd guess.
  12. Nov 3, 2013 #11
    I appreciate your help very much. I register for classes here in a week so I will be sure to continue on with the English course. I will also be meeting with a councilor on Tuesday but I wanted to make sure I was not crazy for trying to attempt 19 units. I have 2 questions for you though, is there any particular reason you recommended the language course (no I have not taken any in high school) is that a requirement for transfer at all? Also, did you do a CCC-> UC transfer? If so where are you now? Also, I recognize this may not be the best place to ask all these questions, but I found college board to be rather mean when it came to some things.
  13. Nov 4, 2013 #12


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    That doesn't really look all that bad.

    Anthropology will likely have a good amount of reading. English will have a decent amount of writing (obviously). Art history may or may not entail a lot of reading/writing, depending on how it's taught.

    I've got 21 credits this semester, and it hasn't been bad. I've got General Physics I, General Chemistry I, Calculus I, Beginning Spanish I, and Intro to Anthropology.

    I've stayed pretty busy this semester, but it hasn't been too bad. Physics, chemistry, and calculus are all honors sections too that involve additional work on top of the normal course work, so that's added a lot of extra work this semester. Next semester is going to basically the same classes, just the next step in the sequence.

    edit- Precalc is 5 credits? What the hell kind of stuff are they covering in there? I'm in calc I and it's only 4 credits.
  14. Nov 4, 2013 #13
    Here in California it seems like most classes are over inflated at community colleges. I had to take a 4 credit trig class this semester and a 5 credit pre calculus class next semester just to get into calculus 1 (for another 5 credits) next year. Almost all GE classes are 3 credits, then English is 4 each. All sciences and math classes are going to be 5 credits. This makes it extremely hard to take 2 science classes and a math class every semester because that leaves me so little room for anything else.
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