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1999-2009, key results look back in string & LQG

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    1999-2009, key results "look back" in string & LQG

    In the news there is a lot of "past 10 years", from Bush v.s Gore and 9-11, to Iraq and electing first Black President, to death of Michael Jackson. The first possibly promising trial of HIV vaccine.

    While 10 years is arbitrary, from 80's was the first superstring revolution, beginning of LQG, and 90s, second superstring revolution and A. 90s also saw evidence and measurement of cc, that we live in deSitter spacetime. AdS/CFT correspondence.

    Tevatron in the past 10 years has NOT found Higgs and SUSY. LHC was delayed, the hope from the 90s was that LHC would be online and start producing data (well that and SCSC which was cancelled)

    Past 10 years has seen a tremendous growth of blogs, and two, Not Even Wrong and Lubos Motl are quite central to LQG v.s strings this decade.

    If we restrict ourselves to 2000-2009, what are some of the most important results and developments in LQG? What about string theory? What observations may have most influenced the development of either?

    For example,

    Probing quantum gravity using photons from a flare of the active galactic nucleus Markarian 501 observed by the MAGIC telescope 21 Aug 2007 implies or suggestions that lorentz invariance is violated, BUT

    Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope implies lorentz invariance stands September 2008.

    A string paper that shows it is possible to get de Sitter space
    de Sitter Vacua in String Theory http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/0301240
    Authors: Shamit Kachru, Renata Kallosh, Andrei Linde, Sandip P. Trivedi
    (Submitted on 29 Jan 2003 (v1), last revised 10 Feb 2003

    resulted in landscape of 10^500 backgrounds, and discussion over landscape and multiverse.

    Most of the research in LQC has been done this decade, including research on resolving singularities, showing big bounce, and even with inflaton field, showing inflation necessary.
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    Re: 1999-2009, key results "look back" in string & LQG

    That's an interesting question. I hope to contribute a post or two. I hope others do as well.
    I think the important year for LQC when it took its present shape was 2005. And for LQG the theory emerged more or less in its present form in 2007. Tomorrow, time permitting, I will dig up some links.
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