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1st Year Physics - Canadian Universities

  1. Feb 9, 2009 #1
    Hello all!

    I was just wondering if the Canadian students here can give me some insight.
    I already have my BSc. from U of T, but for application purposes to another professional program, I need to take 1 year undergrad physics with lab. (I didn't take it during my BSc. undergrad). I heard U of T has a VERY hard first year course and that's why I didn't end up taking it.

    I was wondering if people from different toronto area universities (york, ryerson etc.) can give me insight into how hard the 1st year courses are and which would be easiest to make sure my GPA doesn't fall. (difficulty of material, quality of professors/TA, assistance if needed etc.)
    Please take note that I was a Human Bio/Health Science major so I'm one of "those" : )

    Basically which would be most helpful.

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    First year physics courses are pretty uniform - especially in Canada. There are lots of students who will tell you that it's way harder at school A (usually those are the ones that didn't get a great mark at school A). And for first year courses, the professors change quite frequently, so there isn't much point in making a targeted decision.

    If you're looking for an easy path to a good mark, the best advice I can give is to assume there isn't one and study hard.
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    At UT you can take non-calculus based physics, which isn't too bad. Depending on what you need it for, it might suffice. The calc based on is on par with most other schools in terms of difficulty, but the labs are a pain. You can also opt to take them in the summer, where the courses are usually easier. I believe both are offered in the summer.

    Also, UTM has a very easy summer course for life sci physics.
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