What is Canadian universities: Definition and 23 Discussions

Universities in Canada are established and operate under provincial and territorial government charters, except in one case directed by First Nations bands and in another by federal legislation. Most public universities in the country are members of Universities Canada (formerly the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC)). The title "university" is protected under federal regulation.

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  1. E

    Schools Question About Relevance of a HBSc degree at UofT Compared to US Universities

    I am currently a University of Toronto student. I recently had some doubts about how good my school is compared to other top US universities (such as MIT, Princeton, Caltech, Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, UCLA), even though I did my research before attending UofT, these questions pop up regularly...
  2. B

    Programs Study in Canada or the UK to become a physicist?

    Hello everyone. I am an international student going for my undergraduate studies in physics. I want to go to the University of Toronto and the University of Manchester, but I am unable to choose between the two. Which of the two universities is best to study physics, can give me a better chance...
  3. M

    Schools Affordable Canadian Universities with Strong Physics Programs for Grad School"

    Hey guys, I was wondering what are some good and affordable universities in Canada that have good physics faculties (my goal is to go to theoretical physics in Grad school.) I have so far looked at the Memorial university, and Concordia, what do you think? And what are the chances of getting to...
  4. N

    Schools Canadian universities for physics undergrad program

    Hello Physics Forum members! I have come to this section of the forum to ask a question that I am sure has been asked many time before on this forum; which Canadian university/universities offer the best physics undergrad program/s. I am in high school and I wish to enter become a physicist...
  5. M

    Schools Where to go? Canadian universities.

    I've been mulling over the question of "does it matter where i do my undergrad" and while many seemto answer this question with: no, your employer is never going to care. What about for those who want to stay in academia? I'm currently preparing to move from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to somewhere...
  6. S

    Schools Hypothetical: How highly regarded are Canadian universities?

    Hi everyone. I wanted to pose an hypothetical question. Suppose we have a student who is a graduate from a physics program in a Canadian university (e.g. University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, McGill University, University of British Columbia, University of Calgary, University of Guelph...
  7. ujjwal3097

    Schools Which University is good for physics and computer science?

    Hi I have been admitted to University of Toronto[ Trinity college] and McGill University as an international student for physics major. I am planning to do double major in computer science and physics. I want to know which university is better for these subject at an undergrad level. I have to...
  8. ujjwal3097

    Schools Which university should I choose for physics major?

    Hi everyone I am an international students from India. I have applied to few Canadian and American universities. I want to study physics and maths as a double major in college. I am a bit confused and not able to make a good decision. I have been admitted to the following universities...
  9. ujjwal3097

    Schools Universities for Physics major

    Hi I am an international applicant from India applying to US and Canadian universities. But now I want to talk about some Canadian universities. I am applying for Physic and Maths major for the fall 2016 session. ACT composite score 31 SAT maths 800 SAT physics 780 High school scores: 9 ==...
  10. B

    Schools Canadian Universities Suggestion

    Dear all, Here is my situation. I'm a bachelors in Electrical engg with more than 2 years of experience in control systems,circuit design and vlsi.I took the IELTS exam and got a score of 6.5 and have a gpa of 8.3/10. I also took the GRE in physics and got an unexpected worst score of 570.I...
  11. J

    Schools For those looking at Canadian Universities

    I found this on my University's website and decided to share it with all of you! Here are new rankings for Sciences and Engineering based solely on academic research in Canada. http://www.physics.sfu.ca/assets/uploaded_files/rankings201-3.pdf [Broken] It explains their methodology of...
  12. I

    Schools Duration of PhD in Canadian Universities

    Hi! How long would it take to attend a Physics PhD at a Canadian university? I mean, a PhD without a Master. 4-5-6 years? I am not able to figure out from the web! Thanks :-)
  13. B

    Schools Which Canadian universities have good physics programs?

    I need to apply to three for Physics. Just Physics! I have 2 U of Toronto U of Waterloo And I need a third, but I am not sure which. I heard that York has a good physics course and also I've heard good about ryerson. Any tips?
  14. Q

    Exploring Aerospace Programs at Canadian Universities

    Im planning to go into aerospace next year (im in grade 12 now) and I am debating between the different universities in Canada (Toronto, carlton are the 2 main ones but also mc Gill, Ryerson University, York, Ottawa...) Ive heard from some that Carlton is second rate (but they have what...
  15. T

    Schools Canadian Universities for Theoretical Physics?

    Hi, right now I am a grade 11 student in Ontario, Canada. I've been captivated by theoretical physics for some time now and I really want to try persuing a career in it (ideally in string theory/ other beyond the standard model stuff but anything in quantum mechanics would still be great). So my...
  16. P

    Schools 1st Year Physics - Canadian Universities

    Hello all! I was just wondering if the Canadian students here can give me some insight. I already have my BSc. from U of T, but for application purposes to another professional program, I need to take 1 year undergrad physics with lab. (I didn't take it during my BSc. undergrad). I heard U of T...
  17. S

    Schools Canadian Universities for Astronomy and Physics

    Hi, I'm looking to go into astronomy and do a little physics as well. My question is which are the top astronomy schools in Canada? I've looked at University of Victoria and it looks pretty solid, as well as Western. I was also wondering what are the chances of becoming an astronaut? The...
  18. S

    Schools U.S. versus Canadian Universities

    If someone graduates from a 3 year Community College Program in Ontario they will be accepted into 3rd year at the U.S.A universities, while they would be accepted into 2nd year in Ontario, why? More rigorous programs in Ontario? Community Colleges do not have Calculus II, Physics, Chemistry...
  19. T

    Schools Top Canadian Universities for Undergrad Physics Programs

    Which universities in Canada have good undergrad physics programs? How important is it where one's undergrad degree comes from? I have no idea what I want to do, or the field in which I would like to specialise.
  20. Q

    Schools Exploring Canadian Universities for Engineering: Prospects for NASA and Beyond

    Hello everyone, I'm in my first year of the International Baccalaureate program (gr 11) at Ashbury College (Ottawa, Canada) and have a strong interest in maths and sciences. I would like to go into aerospace/mechanical engineering, and then work for NASA. My greatest aspiration is to become...
  21. A

    Schools A question about Canadian Universities

    Hello, I am currently enrolled in a community college, however I plan to transfer at the end of this year. I've been looking mostly at schools in the states, but would be very interested in going to McGill in Montreal. One concern that my educational consultant had expressed was that a...
  22. O

    Schools Canadian universities requirements

    I'm intending on applying to a medical Canadian university (most likely in Nova Scotia). I have 2 main questions: 1. I'm an IGCSE student, going to finish my IGCSE course this educational year (taking 8 subjects). I'm most likely opting for AS/A level standard but I'm not sure What subjects I...
  23. D

    Schools Applying to Canadian Universities: Process, Programs, and Tips

    I've been considering applying to a few Canadian universities (in Ontario), but I'm somewhat oblivious to the application process there. I went the online application route and made myself a user name and everything on the ouac website. Now, from what I understood, I can choose a bunch of...