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A university (Latin: universitas, 'a whole') is an institution of higher (or tertiary) education and research which awards academic degrees in several academic disciplines. Universities typically offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
The word university is derived from the Latin universitas magistrorum et scholarium, which roughly means "community of teachers and scholars".The first universities were created in Europe by Catholic Church monks. The University of Bologna (Università di Bologna), founded in 1088, is the first university in the sense of:

being a high degree-awarding institute;
having independence from the ecclesiastic schools, although conducted by both clergy and non-clergy;
using the word universitas (which was coined at its foundation);
issuing secular and non-secular degrees: grammar, rhetoric, logic, theology, canon law, notarial law.

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  1. Maddy467

    Schools Which University should I go to for my undergrad in physics?

    I'm an international student. I've been accepted into Stony Brook (NY), Rutgers-New Brunswick (NJ), University of Arizona and Iowa State University. (all with decent scholarships... amounts in increasing order with Stony Brook costing me the most) I'm really confused about the first 3. All of...
  2. E

    Schools Question About Relevance of a HBSc degree at UofT Compared to US Universities

    I am currently a University of Toronto student. I recently had some doubts about how good my school is compared to other top US universities (such as MIT, Princeton, Caltech, Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, UCLA), even though I did my research before attending UofT, these questions pop up regularly...
  3. cwill53

    Quantum Workforce Elements, Toolbox for QIS Programs at Universities

    TL;DR Summary: Imagine you have infinite funds and cooperation to build a very ideal curriculum and student organization, both dedicated to quantum information science, at a university. What does this look like pedagogically? How would this be structured? What resources do students need access...
  4. Corpuscule

    When will universities disappear?

    Just had a very interesting discussion with the Head of School and Disciplines Leads at our university. The broad consensus is that the whole higher education system is likely to vanish at some point. AR / VR labs and AI-led online education will eventually turn universities into research...
  5. M Yurtsever

    Schools Best Universities in Europe for Superconductivity Research

    Please let me know the best universities for everything about high-temperature superconductivity research
  6. R

    Quantum Modern Physics Textbook Recommendations for Top-Tier Universities

    I seek current textbook recommendations for Modern Physics (Relativity, Quantum, Nuclear, Particles), upper undergraduate and graduate level, preferably that which are used at top-tier universities. Suggestions appreciated.
  7. Roger Dalton

    Schools Best universities to study Physics in the UK?

    Hello everyone! I'm studying Physics at college and next year I'll be doing a course abroad in the UK. After doing some research and considering my college's international agreements I have to decide between Durham University, Manchester University, and the Imperial College of London, but I...
  8. Jamister

    Programs Searching for universities to do my PhD on foundations of quantum mechanics

    I want to do my Phd on foundations of quantum mechanics, but I don't find researchers in the U.S.A that work on that. Is there a good way to search other than to go to each university and go over the PI's? Thanks
  9. V

    Good graduate programs (but not top universities) for physics?

    Hello... new here. Can anyone give me advice or some information on what universities they think are good for a graduate program in physics?
  10. atyy

    International students may need to leave US if their universities transition to online-only learning

    https://edition.cnn.com/2020/07/06/politics/international-college-students-ice-online-learning/index.html International students may need to leave US if their universities transition to online-only learning
  11. jamalkoiyess

    Programs Graduate Programs with late application deadlines

    Hello all, I did the classic mistake of overestimating my application and submitting only to some high profile universities (all above 150 on the QS physics [i know no the best indicator but I used it]). I got rejected from nearly all and I can't be hopeful that the rest won't follow similarly...
  12. llha

    Choosing between unis—UC Berkeley, Cornell

    Hello there! I recently had the privilege of being accepted to UC Berkeley and Cornell for my undergrad! I'm very grateful to both universities for this opportunity. I'm just generally wondering what factors for grad school admission I should be considering when choosing between unis, like...
  13. Eagle9

    Schools Do American universities accept (new students) for second Ph.Ds?

    Hello people :oldsmile: I am the Ph.D student in one of the eastern European countries dealing with Neuroscience, I hope I will graduate soon. But I would like to gain second Ph.D degree abroad, if possible in USA. But I have heard that American universities do not accept the persons who...
  14. S

    Schools What is the educative system like at German universities? Should I study there?

    I am a 21-year-old from Mexico that recently dropped out of engineering. I was dissatisfied by the mayor and the education system here in Mexico. I am looking forward to studying Physics in Germany because it is free and life is not so expensive. But I have my doubts. Is education at top...
  15. S

    Schools What are the best universities for Quantum Physics in Canada

    I would love to know about not only the rankings of the universities (Which I see a lot) but more what makes each one special. Which means I appreciate personal experience related to the courses as well as for example if there is any research done (or a way to get some hands-on experience in the...
  16. M

    Schools Affordable Canadian Universities with Strong Physics Programs for Grad School"

    Hey guys, I was wondering what are some good and affordable universities in Canada that have good physics faculties (my goal is to go to theoretical physics in Grad school.) I have so far looked at the Memorial university, and Concordia, what do you think? And what are the chances of getting to...
  17. DariusP

    Schools What physics universities would you recommend?

    What cheap but good foreign physics universities would you recommend for a Lithuania citizen (average wage is not very impressive here) for a Master's degree? I am about to graduate my bachelor studies and am thinking of my future. Not coming from a wealthy family, my options are limited...
  18. M

    Schools Which field of study has the highest professor employment?

    Hi, I was wondering what stem field has the greatest likely hood to employ one as a professor at a university. I am deciding between mathematics, physics and computer science. My father is a professor in computer science but I am not entirely sure which field I want to become a professor in(or...
  19. L

    Schools Applying to universities abroad with CGPA 6.2/10

    I'm studying physics (will be receiving a master's degree by the end of my study) in a top tier institute in India. I'm considering applying to universities abroad for Ph. D programs. Given my GPA and considering the fact that I'll be extending for another year, Is it advisable to try for...
  20. AlvisPrabhu

    Schools Which Top Universities Offer Aerospace Programs?

    Hello, I am a US citizen currently residing abroad.i am studying under CBSE , in grade 12. After graduation I wish to study in US . I aspire to become an aerospace engineer and an astrophysicist. What are some top universities that I can try for? What are the requirements?
  21. E

    What is the role of schools and universities?

    Do they quench people's thirst in knowing things? Do they prepare students to find a job? What are (most) students hoping for when enrolling at a school? Can schools and universities really prepare students for the job market? and how? If not, what people should do? Do you think dual-vocational...
  22. N

    Schools Canadian universities for physics undergrad program

    Hello Physics Forum members! I have come to this section of the forum to ask a question that I am sure has been asked many time before on this forum; which Canadian university/universities offer the best physics undergrad program/s. I am in high school and I wish to enter become a physicist...
  23. M

    Schools Where to go? Canadian universities.

    I've been mulling over the question of "does it matter where i do my undergrad" and while many seemto answer this question with: no, your employer is never going to care. What about for those who want to stay in academia? I'm currently preparing to move from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to somewhere...
  24. E

    I Problem sets between universities

    Hey all, I'm new here. I was just looking at a problem set from Florida Atlantic University from 2010 (http://www.physics.fau.edu/~cbeetle/Fall10/PHZ5115/Assignments/pset3.pdf) and it looks absolutely ridiculous. I'm taking a course now as a sophomore called "Mathematical Methods in the Physical...
  25. Grands

    Schools How famous are italian universities outside Italy?

    Hi guys. I know that in the US there are the best universities of the world, but I wanted to ask if there are any italian university well-known outside Italy. Without using Google, which are the name of italian universities you know about? Thanks.
  26. S

    Schools Hypothetical: How highly regarded are Canadian universities?

    Hi everyone. I wanted to pose an hypothetical question. Suppose we have a student who is a graduate from a physics program in a Canadian university (e.g. University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, McGill University, University of British Columbia, University of Calgary, University of Guelph...
  27. R

    Schools What universities have really cool programs for EEs?

    I'm currently an EE student going to UC Colorado Springs, definitely a decent university but I'd like to really get the best out of my education and since I'm on the Post 9/11 GI bill I don't have to worry about residency requirements. I have been keeping my GPA well polished to be able to make...
  28. bhobba

    Should Free Speech be Limited on University Campuses?

    Hi Guys This case is very famous here in Aus and involves my old Alma Mater, QUT, where I studied math and computer science: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/rendezview/get-rid-of-section-18c-once-and-for-all/news-story/09857c729cbc94d0c0c24996349cb68e It has been a bit divisive out here with...
  29. twist.1995

    Programs Should I or Should I not pursue a postgraduate degree in physics

    Hello! I am studying Physics and Electronic and Communications Engineering double major. I really enjoy studying physics, and find it fascinating to manipulate difficult formulas that describe natural phenomena. However, I am concerned that there are far more engineering jobs out there than...
  30. SquidwardTentacles

    Schools Comparing the good and bad universities around the world.

    It goes without question that the top schools of most countries are pretty good, but how do we compare the average and bad universities from different countries? I often hear (especially on this forum) that bad and average universities in the US (and the west in general) are usually still...
  31. K

    Should top Universities engage in nonstring QG research

    many of the top universities like Princeton, Harvard, MIT, Stanford have a string theory research group and only string theory for QG. in light of non-susy @ lhc, no proton decay, no dark matter discovered no extra dimensions, is it now time for top universities like Princeton, Harvard, MIT...
  32. S

    Question about R1 universities in the US

    Hi everyone. I have heard a number of mentions regarding R1 universities on PF, so I did a quick check online, and found this Wikipedia entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_research_universities_in_the_United_States Presumably people talk about R1 schools as being particularly...
  33. T

    Physics Should only people from elite universities bother with TT (tenure track)?

    I hope my question doesn't sound bitter, it's not meant to be, I'm just a grad student wanting to get some opinions on how things are. I'm especially interested in hearing from people outside academia as well, since I assume people *within* academia might have an unrealistic view of what the...
  34. UsableThought

    Schools Universities to recommend for online math/physics courses?

    I posted about a question about whether Coursera is still a good option for online courses, in the wake of their having downgraded their platform; but haven't gotten any replies: Teaching quality of Coursera math courses after platform re-design? So here is a larger question that might succeed...
  35. A

    Schools Waterloo or UofT for physics? (Both Ontario Universities)

    I'm applying for university this year and have taken interest in these two schools. Which one will provide me with the best physics education? And I plan on attending physics graduate school too.
  36. BubblesAreUs

    Schools Low cost distance education universities

    Hello all, I'm enrolled at an Australian university that offers mathematics. However, I want to fast track my education by enrolling in units over the holidays ( late Nov to early March). The problem, however, is that my institution does not offer advanced second or third year units. I'm...
  37. Roma93

    Schools Is a GRE Verbal Score of 155 Enough for Top Physics Graduate Programs?

    Hi guys, I wonder if I could hope to be enrolled in a top university (like MIT) for physics graduate course with GRE verbal 155? I have bachelor degree in physics and I am going to obtain master's degree in Spring. My GRE quant is 168, TOEFL 105, GPA 5/5, and I also have two publications in...
  38. AaronK

    Schools Undergrad CS Programs in Arizona?

    I live in Arizona and will be transferring to a state university next semester (I'll be starting in Jan. 2017). I've managed to get all of the introductory credits that I need completed at a community college for much cheaper than at university, so things have gone well so far in that respect...
  39. VoloD

    Job Skills Why is University never considered in the hiring process

    Why do people base a new employees skill set based solely on degree and not the program they attended. For example, engineering is considered to be a marketable field. However, not all engineering programs are created equal. I understand that elite institutions will be preferred over the...
  40. PabloAMC

    Good universities for mathematical physics

    Hi, I would like to know what universities are good at Mathematical Physics for pursuing masters/phds, both in America and Europe. Thanks in advance
  41. N

    Schools Which university offers a better physics program: Ohio State or Iowa State?

    Hello, I have recently heard about this website, and it sounded like the right place to ask for some academic guidance. I hope this is the right subforum. I am a sophomore student at Iowa state university majoring in Physics. I was recently accepted at Ohio State university. All of my credits I...
  42. M

    Schools Any good open universities around?

    Hello, forum its been some time since I posted something on this site, feels good to be back :) well I am facing a problem and have thought about it and think I will be needing some help from you guys... the story goes as such.. well, I finished a four year degree in the field of physics...
  43. A

    Schools What universities should I apply to?

    Hi! I currently live in New Zealand and am in Year 11/Grade 10. Naturally as this is a physics forum I have been interested in doing physics degree when I leave high school. If I were to stay in New Zealand for undergraduate I would be going to the University of Auckland. What are your thoughts...
  44. DaniV

    Help in choosing Israeli academic institute

    In the next semester (October 2016) I want to start learning physics with preferation for learning in a program that including two subjects- physics and math for the 1st degree. My will it`s to advance to theoretical research and to get a Doctor degree, even co-operate with international...
  45. ujjwal3097

    Schools Are Canadian Universities Good for Physics and Math Majors?

    Hi I am an international applicant from India applying to US and Canadian universities. But now I want to talk about some Canadian universities. I am applying for Physic and Maths major for the fall 2016 session. ACT composite score 31 SAT maths 800 SAT physics 780 High school scores: 9 ==...
  46. ujjwal3097

    Schools Affidavit for financial support for US universities

    Hi, I am applying to American universities as an international undergrad from India. I don't know when to submit my affidavit for financial support. Should I submit it with my transcript or after admission in the University. I have this confusion because there is no information about such...
  47. A

    Geocentric model: how long was it taught in universities?

    I have a historical question which I'm not finding any reference for. I recall how my former professor of history of science told us that the geocentric model was still taught for about a century in the accademia, long after Galileo's discovery of the phases of Venus and long after the...
  48. S

    Schools Should i attend to top universities to become a physicist?

    Hey. I may go next year to study space physics in Embry Riddle Aeronautical university in Daytona Beach. i know that they have the best aerospace program in the world. But do they have a very good physics program. because what i am asking about is that should i go to one of the top universities...
  49. M

    Schools Help in choosing three universities for physics

    Hello everyone, I'm right now in my 12th grade. And It's time that I apply to universities. My goal is to get the best possible undergraduate education in Physics. I need to decide between three universities. University of Victoria in Canada Lahore University of Management Science in Pakistan...
  50. S

    Schools Universities for nuclear physics

    suggest some top universities in India and abroad for nuclear physics