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2 slow moving hydrogen atoms - distance to start interaction

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    At what distance do 2 hydrogen atoms (not ions) begin to attract each other?

    No, this is not a homework question. I am 58.
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    Well, in theory there's no distance where that begins or ends; they attract at all distances since the electromagnetic force works at all distances.
    But the attraction drops off rapidly; in proportion to 1/r^6, where r is the distance.
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    Guess I should have specified at what distance would acceleration be observed?
    I'm assuming the 2 hydrogen atoms will form a molecule at the end of the cycle.
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    Vanadium 50

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    That depends on how small an acceleration you can measure.
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    Not sure. How about 1 m/s^2
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    Do you know any online references for the 1/r^6 calculation? Thanks
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