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2 ways to calculate net standard reduction potential

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    On chemwiki, they gave 2 equations to find the standard reduction potential of a cell:

    Eocell = Eocathode + Eoanode

    Eocell = Eocathode - Eoanode

    Why are there 2 equations and when do you use each one?

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    European convention and American convention and before you ask, "No, I can no longer tell you the differences, nor which is to be preferred."
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    Is the first one the American convention? (Im taking the SAT)
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    Unless I am missing something I feel like there is a mistake in these formulas. Sign of the overall cell potential can be a matter of convention, but the absolute potential shouldn't be. I wonder if they did not omit a minus sign in one of the formulas.
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    Would calculating spontaneity of reaction be the 2 reduction potentials just added to each other?
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