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2 Years behind my peers. Will this affect my REU chances?

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    I graduated high school one year late because I cut class like a fool. I went to a small public university in NYC thinking I was going to major in business or finance but as it turns out I was bored out of my mind. I took pre-calculus and was fascinated. I got hooked and never looked back.

    I have now gone and transferred to a stronger university. I will be finishing up multivariable calculus by March and starting my first class in writing basic proofs. (I'm on a quarter system.) Due to the fact that I never went to high school and never had the chance to take any of the AP calculus courses they wouldn't let me start in the honors calculus course here (Calculus by Spivak) and instead made me finish my calculus sequence first. This effectively pushed me back another year.

    To wrap it all up, I should be a junior right now. I have the credits to be a junior but I only have the necessary courses to be a freshman. My transcript is almost spotless with 57 credits (semester credits) and an overall GPA of 3.98. Same is expected for this quarter.

    Will my lateness negatively affect my chances at an REU?
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    I'm nearly 30, only completed Multi-var calc/DifferentialEQ/PhysicsII and I had plenty of REU opportunities this coming summer.
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    Sounds good! Thanks.
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