2nd year theoretical physicist thinking about summer placements - where to look?

It's suddenly started creeping up on me that the degree is almost over, barely having even started, and I was wondering about internships and things. We've just been sent an email by the department about penultimate year internships, which as I'm on a 4 year course I'm not that far yet. Still it's peaked my interest and I've realised that I don't really have ANY idea where to look for these sort of things.

The main thing I'm interested in is actual physics based summer placements, be it theoretical or experimentally based (I'm still relatively open in that respect). I don't even know if they exist mind you! With respect to other kind of placements I'm not really sure what I'd like. Looking around I wouldn't mind tech based things, but I'm not entirely sure how well the degree would be placed into those.

Thanks for any help!


I am thinking to take theoretical Physics.
M.sci and I am b.sci final year.
do you have any advice for me?

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