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Aerospace 3D model with wind tunnel-CFD simulation

  1. Feb 21, 2012 #1

    i am Fluent beginner..im doing thesis about aerodynamics on solar race car..
    have to study about its drag and lift coeeficient..

    i need help about how to 3D mesh the car and the wind tunnel..

    now i have draw the car model as one part and the big square as wind tunnel as another part in Solid work, i mate them as an assembly..save as IGS file to be open in ANSYS

    now im stuck how to do mesh on that 3D model and wind tunnel..

    really need help..thanks a lot for any help..really appreciate it
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    Try with ANSYS Workbench and then CFX or Fluent as solvers...is really easy to do the mesh with workbench. Just import your geometry and create an enveloping body (dont know how that function is called in the english version).

    Hope it helps!
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    thanks rideway,,!

    i use FLuent as my solvers..

    now i have import the IGS file..open the Design Modeler,
    then i open mesh...

    i select the front edge of the hollow box ( wind tunnel) and name it as inlet using Create Name Selection

    the back edge of the hollow box (the wind tunnel) as outlet

    it is for boundary condition for the next step..is it right?

    i have problem which part is need to generate mesh..

    to make the air flow go through inside horizontally..for simulation..
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    I dont know if i understood properly what you are doing, but you dont need to model any "wind tunnel", just the model of what you want to test. then you give the meassures of your wind tunnel, for example: 3m distance in +x direction, 10m in -x, 0.05m in -z, etc

    Then you will get a squared box. You can already name each surface or leave it for the meshing module. Important there to name inlet,outlet, wall/openings, and a group with your model (so you can define it as a solid later).

    Then you define two domains: fluid and solid. Fluid will have those boundaries mentioned before.

    There are many tutorials that will help you with the first questions that may arise.

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    owh, i will do as u explain to me..

    feel really dumb, i do a model of wind tunnel model because my friend told me to do that first..it shows that a lot we need to study

    thanks, hope u dnt mind if im asking later..

  7. Feb 21, 2012 #6
    im using ANSYS 12.1...do u have any suggestion to refer any tutorial to do mesh in wind tunnel application?

    with analysis on drag and lift coeeficient if possible...
  8. Feb 21, 2012 #7
    my mesh have error..ermmm..will try figure it out...
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    If you dont have the tutorials, search the web. There is a lot of information to all those questions that may arise at the beggining. If you still struggle, then I recommend you cfd-online.com forum

    For your simulations, you would like this tutorial
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