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A car dealerships garage door hit my wifes car.

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    My wife was pulling into a service lane at a car dealership at the same time someone inside shut the door and it hit her car. They are saying that she came into the garage to fast and the instant reverse feature did not have time to react prior to it hitting the car and therefore it was her fault. I've done an incredible amount of research and I'm very confident that this is in fact their fault, however in order to provide additional evidence I want to try and determine approximately how fast she was in fact going when the accident took place. following is the information I have.

    The garage door is 15 feet high and it closes at 7 inches per second.
    The impact point on her car was approximately 5 feet from the ground and the service lane is 13 yards long. I'm not sure if that is enough information to solve this equation or not. I appreciate any help you can provide.
    Thank you,
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    This kind of stuff happens to my wife all the time. It always seems to be someone else's fault.... Our wives seem to be very unlucky.... Lol
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    This is a question about liability insurance, not physics.
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