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Programs A day in the life of a theoretical physics PhD student

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    Can somebody give me an idea what you get upto on a day to day basis? I know roughly what you work towards in a PhD, obviously it depends on your topic, but I have no idea what it consists of day in and day out.

    For example, what maths do you do daily? What theory do you do daily? How much programming do you do? Are you solving equations - numerically or otherwise, are you analysing data??

    I'm particularly interested in two areas - High Energy Physics and Condensed Matter theory.

    Are there any areas of physics where there is lots of numerical work/equation solving to be done?

    Thanks for any help.

    PS. I'm interested in the UK PhD students.
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    I'm sorry am late, that too with a partial answer only, but congrats, you are in the right direction. High Energy Physics, String Theory and Condensed Matter Physics all use a lot of math and equation solving. You must be enjoying playing with equations :-)
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    You're three years late.
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