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A diol - Question about this organic commpound

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    I couldn't find where can I start learning this organic compound? I don't have access to any books to refer to so I'm wondering which lesson can I find this compound as an example? And I've never seen a compound with a diol. Thanks
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    What do you mean by "learning a compound"?

    If you are interested in its properties, first thing to do is to draw the compound and to identify the most important functional groups. Physical properties (melting & boiling point) can be with some luck found by googling.
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    Yes that is what I do, Google, and usually Wikipedia has information on many compounds, usually much that you cannot predict let alone carry in your head. I think it is fair to say that the compound like this has no interesting properties! – That is the primary alcohol group has properties of any primary alcohol and the secondary of any secondary. Then two alcohols can form an ether; If two alcohol groups are on the same molecule an internal ether can be formed.

    You can hardly predict from first principles of industrial importance or application of a compound, and that is part of a general chemical culture to know something of. This does not appear to have any. You never know but what things like this turn up as part of some drug or other, or as an obscure metabolite found only in sponges, but such accidents are hardly a theme you can study in itself.
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