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A general, if a bit silly a question

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    Hello there, I joined in pondering a pretty weird question.

    You see the Space Shuttle being given a "Piggy Back" on NASA's B747-200. But what if someone was to strap a completley standard, non modified 1988 Vauxhall Astra onto the top of a Boeing 747- 400, Take off to a crusing altitude of 30,000 feet at a speed of 535mph with a strong headwind?

    A Vauxhall Astra


    A 747-400


    a 1 ton car, a 400 ton plane, a car with an 90mph top speed, at 535mph with a strong head wind.

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    And? What's your question?
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    It would fly perfectly normally.
    747s can fly trans-atlantic with 3 engines, the drag of a disabled engine is much larger than a car.
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    The question is, what would happen to the car? Its a 1996 too a typoed. Im aware the plane would carry on
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    Quick answer, well, probably the car would be crushed, defragmented, or nothing at all. I mean the car was not designed to "run" in 30,000 feet, with 535 mph. Naturally thinking, that wouldn't be a good experience for the car.
    The real answer is, well, either we do a good stimulation, or we actually do an experiment, or otherwise I don't know.
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    I suspect you'd rip the windshield wipers off, but other than that, it would probably be fine. There is a moderate risk of ripping off any panels that air could get under (like the hood or trunk).
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    This Lincoln only reached 280 mph and you can see what happens.
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