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A list of MUST-READ titles for future physicists!

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    Can anyone give me a short list of MUST-READ physics books? I mean books like for example Feynman's 'QED' and Hawking's 'A brief history of time'.
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    I recommend reading something like Scientific American or New Scientist on a regular basis. That gives you an overview of what is going on, helps you find out what interests you, and in what direction you should eventually specialize.

    Having such a goal is good for your motivation and will guide you through undergrad school.

    Also, if you are the experimental type then get you hands dirty and build stuff.
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    Hawking's Brief History... is a mustn't read!

    If you want to read a nice account of physics try "Conceptual Physics" of Hewitt.
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    The Feynman lectures of course.
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    Landau, Lifgarbagez vol.1-10 :smile:
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