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A list of US companies that suits my career interests?

  1. Nov 25, 2008 #1
    I am a Canadian citizen that has 'recently' (may 2008) graduated from an Engineering Physics (Bachelor's degree) program from an accredited university.
    I have knowledge and entry level experience in the following (through internship/co-op terms and academics):

    Controls systems / Autonomous control / Robotics

    Those who read my aerospace control systems post will know what i am interested in. I dont want to repeat myself too much (https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=270956) but basiclly i'm interested in applying control systems for dynamics, this includes aerospace guidance-navigation-control and robotics. I'm not that interesed in applying control systems to electrical power systems, it just doesnt interest as much for some reason (maybe because its not very 'dynamic' in the newtonian sense?.. controlling moving parts seems much more interesting :)

    optical engineering (lasers / optical sensor systems) / machine vision

    Since i come from an Engineering Physics background, I am quite knowledgable in applied optics / photonics, and have even worked on a laser microscope system during an academic project. I am very interested in companies that makes use of optics for metrology (measuring stuff) , sensors (all sorts,for instance many high precision gyroscopes use an interformeter to measure position) and spatial mapping. Another field which is very interdisciplinary but relevant to optical engineering is Machine Vision, a field of engineering that encompasses computer science, optics and autonomous machine learning systems. I am primarily interested in the hardware aspect of this such as laser systems rather than the computer science part. Machine Vision makes use of cameras, laser scanners and all sorts of sensors and usually processes the data through pretty complicated computer vision algorithms (ie: facial recognition - quite common for single camera systems). Some machine vision systems get away with just using a camera and very little illumination, these systems are mainly focused on the computer vision algorithms rather than hardware; while an interesting field (heavily related to comp sci), its not one of my main interests. Machine vision is mostly used in assembly line inspection but is also used in a variety of applications such as geo-spatial mapping and is definitely making its way into military applications.

    Why the US?

    I dont know of many Canadian companies that suit my interest. Of the ones that exist in Canada, they're either not hiring at the moment or do not have job openings which suit my interest. Unfortunately many of the companies that interest me in the US work in the aerospace and defense industry where a citizenship is required for most positions. I've looked at websites such as careerbuilders.com and indeed.com, however it feels like im looking through a small window of opportunity and there should be more companies out there.

    A list of recommended companies?

    If anyone can just name a few companies that fit my interest that would be great, but here are a few things to keep in mind:
    -a company that hires non us citizens and can provide a TN work visa. No security clearance is required.
    -a company that supports entry level positions or new grads
    -a company that is willing to hire someone from out of state/country (im finding that some companies are very reluctant to do this; i am willing to relocate at my own expense)
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    D H

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    US companies are going to be hard to come by. Most of which that do work in your fields of interest will require US citizenship nowadays. Are you sure you have exhaustively searched Canadian companies? I found this pretty quickly: http://www.mdacorporation.com/careers/jobs/postings/T2008.cfm [Broken]
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    The MDA division in BC Vancouver does mostly software, people with more advanced degrees work on more remote sensing applications. I've already applied to some positions in eastern Canada, which was related to robotics. Last i heard MDA had a hiring freeze for most of their positions due to the economic crisis :(
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    Its just that usually they like to hire people with the Masters and PhD over here and even with the qualifications, still there's no guarantee of getting a Defense job working for the U.S. Government. Its hard enough already for an average American to land that dream job working for a Defense company and as for a non citizen...well I think you know the answers to that.
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