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A*log(b), Separating the two variables

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    I have a problem with the following equation:

    log(D)-b*log(K) = b*log(z)-log(c)

    I would like to get D and K on one side of the equal to sign, so that:

    f(D,K) = g(b, c, z)

    Is this possible?

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    Sure. It's always true that [itex]n\log_ax=\log_a(x^n)\,[/itex] , so [tex]\log D-b\log K=\log D-\log K^b=\log\left(\frac{D}{K^b}\right)[/tex]

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    But this gives the function in the sense, f(D,K,b)=g(b,z,c), contrary to what the OP is asking.

    I couldn't find a way to get only D and K on one side of the equality and rest of the variables on the other side, so I'm really curious about this one....
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