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A Mathematician's View on the Existence of Time

  1. Dec 5, 2012 #1
    I am not certain if this is the right location to put this post, but since this is a section for mathematics and my question is one for mathematicians, it will be placed here for now:

    How would you, as a mathematician, view time? More precisely, do you think time exists?

    It might be strange to ask specifically for a mathematician's view, and perhaps a mathematician's view may be no different from a physicist's view or a philosopher's view but I am interested if there any interesting tidbits a mathematician can add.

    I also welcome any input from presentists, possibilists, and eternalists out there.
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    Yesterday, I didn't think time existed but today I do.
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    This thread does not meet the guidelines of this forum. The mathematics forum is suitable only for technical questions about mathematics, not for philosophy.
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