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A not so genius engineering student

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    I'm going to be an engineering undergrad next year and lately I've been doubting how well I will do. I'm not a genius, and I haven't taken any of the AP Calc courses during my time in high school, but I do have an interest in Science and math. I definetly wouldn't say that I'm bad at math( I usually get A's), but im nothing amazing. I guess the only two things I have going for me would be hard work and interest. Can I survive the death march of a four year engineering coursework just relying on hard work?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    As far as I know, most of the comments I have read from people who are considered geniuses, state it themselves that they we're not or are not geniuses. Rather all they really did to prove a theory, discover something important, etc... was hard work.

    So my answer is probably yes, hard work will get you past those our years, and it will also teach you to work harder since that is what University is supposed to do.
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    I think you'd do fine if you have an interest and good work ethic.
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    Pretty much. Most people, in any major, are just regular people who have an interest in the material. Geniuses are rare and nobody expects you to be one. Just study, do you homework, and enjoy yourself and you'll be fine.
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    Hard work trumps the genius. Being a genius shouldn't even come in to play.
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    Great! Thank you everyone for your immediate imput. Im sure that I'll be fine with a little hard work.
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    I never took any AP calc classes... Only AP Physics, AP US History, IB English, IB Economics, IB Spanish, etc. I'm in my third year, EE... I wasn't particularly strong in Calc I, but came back and got As in Calc II and III. Otherwise, I've been doing good.

    You don't have to be a genius. You just need the dedication and effort. When you hit the third year, a LOT of work will be needed on your part. That means countless hours in the library doing work. Seriously.

    I think its more about your willingness to learn and study. That's it - being a genius doesn't matter, really.
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    It's encouraging hearing a story like yours. My high school coursework was very similar to yours(at least as far as AP/IB classes go), and to know you are doing so well gives me some confidence.
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    Maybe I've awaken in a parallel universe today. Engineers, geniuses? :confused:
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    You need creativity to succeed in engineering, not have a 4.0 GPA.
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