What is Genius: Definition and 100 Discussions

A genius is a person who displays exceptional intellectual ability, creative productivity, universality in genres, or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of new discoveries or advances in a domain of knowledge. Geniuses may be polymaths who excel across many diverse subjects or may show high achievements in only a single kind of activity.There is no scientifically precise definition of a genius. Sometimes genius is associated with talent, but several authors such as Cesare Lombroso and Arthur Schopenhauer systematically distinguish these terms. Walter Isaacson, biographer of many well-known geniuses, explains that although high intelligence may be a prerequisite, the most common trait that actually defines a genius may be the extraordinary ability to apply creativity and imaginative thinking to almost any situation.

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  1. A

    Do all great scientists possess a genius level IQ ?

    I've wanted to become a mathematical physicist for as long as I can remember. Hailing from a rather small place in India , I usually found myself smarter than the people around me .This gave me confidence that I'm going to make a great physicist one day . But now as a 12th grader who has moved...
  2. cybernetichero

    Can a Non-Genius Write a Convincing Genius Character?

    I love Sherlock Holmes, especially The Hound of the Baskervilles but with reservations. His reliance on Physiognomy in the early stories for a start but maybe Holmes himself became disillusioned with the theory as research progressed and Conan Doyle himself was famously taken in by schoolgirls...
  3. B

    Is having a genius IQ a prerequisite to be the next Einstein

    I graduated from high school last year, and I didn't have the class rank that I wanted (I was stupid number 2 in the class) after lots of hard work. It all turned out that my hard work was wasted to get some stupid title, but it got me thinking that I probably wasn't genius enough to be ranked...
  4. Auto-Didact

    Genius (TV Series on Einstein)

    I just finished watching this biographical drama on Einstein's life. I found it quite good. Has anyone else here seen it?
  5. Spinnor

    SpaceX SpaceX's rival has 'genius' plan to cut rocket cost

  6. B

    Are Individuals with Autism Truly Geniuses in the Field of Physics?

    Sometimes I read about children affected by autism that get a master degree in Physics at the age of 14-17. They seems the geniuses of the modern age, but are they really geniuses? Do you think that a very high IQ is the key for a physicist to do a sensational discovery in his subject? Or this...
  7. R

    Who is Considered the Grandmother of All Genius?

    If Einstein is the grandfather of all genius.. who is the grandmother of all genius?
  8. C

    What is so "genius" about the work of genius scientists?

    Many scientists are regarded as geniuses based on their work (Einstein, Newton, etc). What is it about their work that is so clever that few others could have done it?
  9. C

    Geometry genius designs 4-legged cafe table that never rocks

    Thought this was fascinating.. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIw4N3PyjU All the need to do now is make them compulsory.
  10. jerromyjon

    What is real genius? Share your experiences and thoughts!

    Hi everyone! I'm just curious how many simple little examples of genius are realized in simple daily life. I will start with a kooky situation where I scooped a handful full of change off the table while I was in the kitchen with my wife and I noticed an unusual sound. And after some searching...
  11. davenn

    Is the World in Need of Superheroes to Save Us?

    This made me laugh ... specially his last comment ... It's nice to see an evil overlord with a fresh approach :wink: Dave
  12. N

    Coffee/caffeine and genius within

    I would like to know how many geniuses didnt drink caffeine in a daily basis if any when they did their major work? Or current geniuses? Ive heard rumours that Tesla didnt drink coffee after realizing it affected his imagination, but I don't know if he continued drinking it later on. I read...
  13. M

    Do you have to be a genius to do nuclear/particle physics?

    Hello, I am an undergraduate physics student (graduating next year) and will soon have to choose my field after a 6months intership in the private sector. Even if this internship could open my mind about the corporate world, I am fairly sure I want to do a Phd. I've taken a few labs and...
  14. akshaya

    Get to Know Akshaya: A Newbie Interested in Astrophysics and More

    Hello guys! My name is Akshaya and I'm new to PhysicsForums. To start off, I'm 16 and Leo. I aspire to become an astrophysicist/ theoretical physicist. My love for astronomy, physics and maths is as big as the universe. My inspirations are Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein and Brian Greene...
  15. M

    MHB Intelligence vs Hard Work: What Matters More for Success?

    Hello I am looking for scientific research done on the topic of "what is more important to success: talent or hard work?" I've been plagued all my life with the idea that "since I have a very good talent I don't need to work much". It backfired really bad. So I would like to ask if anyone...
  16. H

    Is there a guide to inventing mathematical theories?

    Hello Sometimes I want to invent a new theory just as Newton invented calculus I use wide imagination and organized thinking For 4 years, I didn't invent any thing mathematically correct Can anyone tell me how to invent a mathematical theory? Are there any resources on the internet? Thank you
  17. P

    Genius: A Closer Look at Extraordinary Mental Power

    By Genius I refer to a person with extraordinary mental power. :tongue: My dad told me about a friend of his; his roommate in high-school who was a genius. I was completely mesmerized! As my dad told me: He could solve problems no teacher could, he could remember tiny, tiny details that no...
  18. I

    How can I inspire my 7 year old genius?

    Hi everyone. I am not a genius. But I am told I have a 7 year old genius. I am pretty dumb and was wondering if anyone out there could just please tell me what I could do to inspire him? He is VERY AWARE that he is brilliant, but I am discovering he is what's known as a "lazy genius". When i try...
  19. G

    Is Genius Born or Made?

    Hi guys, I was wandering... if it is possible, ho could one become a "genius" of the field of study he loves? Do you think dedication and practice are enough or is there something more...or maybe people are just born geniuses and there's nothing you can do about it?
  20. O

    Any integrating genius? integrate this

    this may seem simple, but try doing this yourself. I've tried sustituting t=e^x , e^-x. but the problem lies after that. do it and see it for yourself.
  21. Q

    Genius in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

    I am feeling quite low. Let me start by telling you a bit about myself. As a child I was always asking "why?" I was also very curious. When I got older I found I was not bad at "math" and science. I read books like men of mathematics and biographies on Feynman and I began to form plans about...
  22. R

    Statistical Thermodynamics/I need a physics genius

    Here are to challenge questions given to the class to answer to be turned for a free slice of pizza. We have to days, and he said we can get help, and I'm taking him at his word. Here they are. 1). Suppose a room is divided into the front fifth, the middle fifths, and the back two fifths...
  23. alyafey22

    MHB He is a genius , he didn't complete school

    We might hear from one source or another that a famous scientist was always humiliated by his teacher when he was a student . We might hear about another who failed school or university but he became an inspiring figure after some years . So why do you think such things happen ? , is it because...
  24. R

    Programs PhD in Physics: Is Genius Required? - 16-Year-Old Asks

    I am 16 with a passion for physics, I am not by any means a genius but I am good at physics and best in the year (based on results). I've read on degree choices that a degree in physics is like a VIP pass to jobs as it shows you can think logically etc. some people in my class underestimate how...
  25. A

    What Determines Genius? Exploring the Roots of Exceptional Talent

    Okay I know memory is related to the number of neural connections you have. You have better memory if you have more connections(it might not be directly proportional but it is dependent I guess). So what determines genius say in Mathematics, physics, chess etc. I know majority is dependent...
  26. M

    Is It Too Late to Pursue Genius in Math and Science?

    Hello, I left school legally at the age of 16 and started working for an uncle at his construction company. My plans were to learn everything I could about building homes, start my own company, and become rich. But that was then. I am almost 30 now and will be quiting construction very...
  27. U

    Is being a genius genetic, a talent or an illness

    So I've been watching the big bang theory and I really like sheldon's character but it made me start thinking, why are some people born with the ability to perform complex mathematical equations in their head which would otherwise take someone else who is good at them much longer and have to use...
  28. G

    Heisenberg, genius and idiot at the same time

    I knew that Heisenberg did not emigrate when the Nazis took power, but I was shocked to learn that he tried to help the Nazis get the atom bomb. This is textbook irrationality. Here's one example of irrational behavior. 1. You want A 2. B prevents the acquisition of A 3. You do B 4...
  29. R

    Stupidity is written on the face but genius is not

    in the movie amadeus salerie asked himself if he could identify mozart from among the 100 guests because perhaps genius is written on the face. much to his surprise he found out that it was not when he saw a crude mozart, giggling on the floor, telling dirty jokes. i have the same feeling...
  30. Ranger Mike

    Automotive Carroll Shelby: Engineering Genius & Racing Legend

    Carrol Shelby, Brilliant Engineer, world class driver and one hell of a racer
  31. D

    What is the reason for calling Newton a genius?

    Hi all, I have a question concerning the history of science. You can hear everywhere that Newton is - together with Einstein - one of the greatest scientific geniuses, one of the greatest physicists, etc. pp. But what exactly is the reason for calling him a genius? After having read a lot on...
  32. N

    Beyond IQ: The True Measure of Genius in Science

    There are always people arguing here about IQ and "geniuses" etc.. So I've came up with a relatively interesting question on this debate. The people who made history.. Glaois, Newton, Einstein, Niels Bohr, Riemann, etc.. Were "geniuses" the ones getting 95+ on their test, or were they the...
  33. turbo

    There is a genius at USPS Postage stickers .

    There is a genius at USPS! Postage "stickers". Last week, I met my niece (our letter carrier) at the end of the drive and asked her for two sheets of "Forever" stamps. She only had a couple of styles and asked if I cared what I got, and I said "no". If you have very young children...
  34. J

    If you can prove this, you are a genius.

    Homework Statement Are you up to the challenge? Let (X,d) be a metric space and let A be a nonempty subset of X. Define f:X→ℝ by f(x)=inf{d(x,a): a in A}. Prove that f is continuous. Homework Equations Definition. Let (X,d) and (Y,p) be metric spaces. A function f:X→Y is...
  35. Drakkith

    XKCD Comics - Why haven't I found this site before?

    Why haven't I found this site before?? This is awesome! Especially this one: http://xkcd.com/621/
  36. N

    Can Genius solve any of exercises of textbook

    I know my question is not clear.All I want to say if genius ones can solve any exercise of textbook without any problem I mean without having a problem at one of the sub exercise.
  37. R

    Ordinary genius vs. magician

    What are your thoughts on this quote:
  38. N

    Need Math Genius - World of Warcraft Achievement

    Okay, I play World of Warcraft, and I have been going for the Battlemaster achievement. One of the meta achievements is extremely hard to obtain. You have to basically win by 10 points, but your control over the score is indirect in that it is influenced by the control of certain nodes. The more...
  39. P

    Do you need to be a math genius to be a math professor?

    I wrote in a previous thread that i would like to get a math phd, but after that become a quant or something. The reason i was set on that projected path was twofold. One i was unsure about the job prospects i.e. numbers involved in getting a full time job as a teacher. The other thing is that i...
  40. S

    Is Francis Bacon's Genius Underappreciated in Modern Philosophy?

    This post is not about philosophy but instead about a philosopher. Do you think of Francis Bacon as a genius? Within the context of his time, he did see what no one else saw. His method of inductive and 4 idols of the mind heavily influence us today. His 4 Idols of the mind commonly spring...
  41. mugaliens

    The True Meaning of Genius

    As this fits into at least four of the six categories in Other Sciences, I thought I'd introduce it here in General Discussions, as it doesn't really fit into any three, much less two, or even one of the categories in Other Sciences, and most certainly doesn't fit into any of the more...
  42. R

    Theoretical Physics (and Math) genius cult

    After reading this: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=402926" or this: http://infoproc.blogspot.com/2005/02/out-on-tail.html" I am speechless. As far as I know in every field of science you need skills and luck in order to succeed. Yet it seems that only in math...
  43. G

    What happens in a genius mind that doesn't in a not talented mind?

    Hello as an ordinary guy that is not a talented human,I always wonder what happens in mind of a genius human that does not happen in mind of an ordinary human,for example i have a friend which is a really talented boy and one of those to be said among top 0.5% of society,everytime we sit...
  44. Z

    Do I Need to Be a Math Genius to Become an Astronomer/Astrophysicist?

    Yes, I'm another one of those clueless people asking if I need to be a math "genius" to become an astronomer/astrophysicist. I'm 25, graduated in '07 with a B.A. in Sociology and a B.A. in French & Spanish (cum GPA 3.75) and recently started thinking about going back to college to get a B.S...
  45. B

    Help please Physic genius neededForensic Physicist

    Hey! So basically the problem is I was put in a physics class because all the others were full! I'm terrible at it and as a result I am not a big fan of the subject! so anyway i have to write about how physics applies to the job of a forensic physicist! i know they use ballistics , blood spatter...
  46. Z

    All Genius' are Welcome

    Simple yet challenging calc problem - please help! http://img252.imageshack.us/i/en8t.jpg/ a searchlight is located at point A 40 feet from a wall. The searchlight revolves counterclockwise at a rate of π/30 radians per second. At any point B on the wall, the strength of the light L, is...
  47. Monocerotis

    How to be a genius without an education.

    Step 1: Wear a long scarf year round. Professor Gerald Lambeau from Good Will Hunting. Look at this dude, he's a math professor at MIT and he's always wearing a long scarf. Indoor, outdoor, summer, winter, a scarf is a necessary accessory for a genius. Some would argue a scarf is more...
  48. D

    Math I want to succeed in a career in science, but i am not a math genius

    I am adequate at math, but I really don't like it. I love astronomy, physics, and other sciences. Would biology be a good career for me? I really appreciate some suggestions. I am pretty much average when it comes to recording data.
  49. Ivan Seeking

    Can Apes Be As Smart As Humans? - A Fascinating Nova Exploration

    A fascinating look at the mind of our cousins; how we differ, and what we have in common. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/apegenius/ [watch online]