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Homework Help: A particle is vibrating with f : Ut = 8 sin (1/2 pi t/T)

  1. Aug 14, 2013 #1
    from this equation i get the amplitude is 8 cm, it's a sine function so i guess it has to be a harmonic oscillation

    i haven't had physics in a while so not really getting anywhere

    -i need to know T (time for one oscillation)
    -the frequency f which is 1/T
    -Vt and At equations, i know i have to differentiate the given equation but i can't figure out how exactly
    -the velocity (speed) and acceleration on t = 1s
    -and the Vmax and Amax
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    hi sam2711! welcome to pf! :smile:
    you don't need to differentiate for that …

    the period T is the the value of t for which the angle (the phase) is 2π (= 360°) :wink:

    use the chain rule

    show us what you get :smile:
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    thanks for the help tiny-tim, will post my work as soon as i'm done
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