Suggestion A PF Phone App would be great.

  1. I would definitely Pay for a app on my phone that would make navigation easier when on the go.
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  3. Greg Bernhardt

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    Do you have an iphone?
  4. Yes, sorry I think spell check changed it without me noticing.

    I meant to suggest an Iphone App for PF forums.
  5. Greg Bernhardt

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    For the meantime try viewing PF on your iphone now via safari.
  6. Wow, did yall just implement this? The last time I visited PF on my phone it was not "Mobile." This is much easier to navigate. Thank you to whoever went through the trouble to implement this.

    ( I would still pay for the App though wink*wink*)
  7. Saladsamurai

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    Did you see the thread right below this one?
  8. Yeah I just looked at it, looks like he posted right after I did. I guess I might disagree with the other threads OP because he must admit that this version is much easier to navigate than PF on standard web browser. I'm sure that it will get better with time and "hate" is a little strong I think.
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