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Homework Help: A pressure cooker cooks a lot faster than an ordinary pan by

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    • Homework posted in wrong forum, so no template
    A pressure cooker cooks a lot faster than an ordinary pan by maintaining a higher pressure and temperature inside. The lid of a pressure cooker is well sealed, and steam can escape only through and opening in the middle of the lid. A seperate metal piece , the petcock, sits on top of this opening and prevents steam from escaping untill the pressure force overcomes the weight of the petcock. The periodic escape of the steam in this manner prevents any potentially dangerous pressure buildup and keeps the pressure inside at a constant value. Determine the mass of the petcock of a pressure cooker whose operations pressure is 100 KPa gage and has an opening cross-sectional area of 4 mm^2 . assume an atomspheric pressure of 101 KPa, and a draw of the petcock
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    Hi osb61, Welcome to Physics Forums.

    Can you find any relevant equations from your text or course notes that might pertain to this type of problem? What have you tried?
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    It is mandatory to show your own attempt.
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