What is cooker: Definition and 33 Discussions

Cooker may refer to several types of cooking appliances and devices used for cooking foods.

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  1. D

    Misc. Levitating Metal with a Solar Cooker: A Feasibility Study

    I would like to build what is usually used for heat production and is called a solar cooker. However, I would like to use it to try to levitate a piece of metal. Here are my assumptions: A. aluminum density = 2.7 g / cm^3 B. Sunlight intensity on Earth's surface is about 1000 W / m^2 C...
  2. D

    Is There a Solution to My Pressure Cooker Problem?

    **Question:** Why do these two different approaches lead to the same result in this case? Is one of them more appropriate or valid than the other? I am looking for an explanation and clarification on this matter.Thank you in advance for your insights.
  3. B

    I Metal drinking cup is stuck inside a pressure cooker

    the steel glass is stuck diagonally inside the press cooker, getting it out by brute foce didn't work and neither are we able to rotate it. Washing it with soapy liquid didn't work either. Any ideas on how I can get the glass out?
  4. R

    Biogas or solar heat storage cooker for rural villages?

    Hello everyone, For villages in Africa and Asia that still use wood, dung or other biomass in simple stoves which option do you think will be better? Concentrate solar energy into an insulated unit with a molten salt which can then be used at any time or build a simple biogas generator (large...
  5. H

    Got a bowl stuck upside down in a pressure cooker

    I got a small bowl stuck in a pressure cooker. can someone help... I have attached a picture idk if its clear or not but anywayhttps://www.physicsforums.com/attachments/229166
  6. P

    Building a solar cooker which can store heat

    Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to build a solar cooker which can also be used during the night / the next day so I was wondering if I can get some advice about how it can be done, especially the material that I can use to store the heat. I saw an article that said a professor from MIT had...
  7. E

    I Solar cooker pots -- Does their color matter?

    theory 'a' is we can cook all of our vegan food and heat our water with sunlight. what kind of difference would it make if i got a red painted pot? can you compare that to one painted black? and maybe also to a metallic one. please share some equations.
  8. V

    How to make a customized pressure cooker?

    I just want to make a pressure cooker for rice cooking with variable liters on demand changing. Can you give me some ideas how to make it ?
  9. Clara Chung

    Question about induction cooker

    Homework Statement My book said that when an aluminium sheet of thickness 0.5 mm is placed on a induction cooker, it will float and be heat up. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I don't think there is a net repulsive force from the eddy current. When the B field from the induction...
  10. J

    How would one calculate pressure increase in cooker

    If you have a cooker with a volume of 3000 cm^3, then you add 200 ml of water, and let it turn into vapor at 100 C over time, how would you calculate the pressure at any point during the evaporation? It's not homework, just an example so you get what I am saying.
  11. Muhammad Syahril

    B Your Opinion On This Solar Cooker

    First of all, even I did mentioned Solar Cooker, the main goal is to reach most temperature of 500ml of water in 30 minutes. Basic information that I have is some material with different thermal conductivity. I seek for simple english language and a bit complex physics language. The idea of...
  12. O

    A pressure cooker cooks a lot faster than an ordinary pan by

    A pressure cooker cooks a lot faster than an ordinary pan by maintaining a higher pressure and temperature inside. The lid of a pressure cooker is well sealed, and steam can escape only through and opening in the middle of the lid. A separate metal piece , the petcock, sits on top of this...
  13. M

    Question about pressure cooker "jiggler weights"

    Old style pressure cookers regulated pressure by having a vent tube in the lid with a weighted stopper that sits atop it, known as a jiggle or jiggler weight. The jiggler weight seals the vent tube until enough pressure builds to move the weight, which releases pressure until the weight falls...
  14. S

    Pressure Cooker Internal Energy Problem

    Homework Statement A pressure cooker is a nearly air tight sealed system. When seated on a stove burner and heated, water turns to steam and increases the pressure inside, resulting in higher temperatures so food cooks faster. Suppose 1/2 cup of water is inside the pressure cooker and it is on...
  15. Berkan

    Building a solar cooker for school

    (Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Germany) Hello! I need to build a solar cooker as a school project. Our build needs to be able to heat 1 liter of water in 80 minutes. My idea was, to heat the water by using a fresnellens. I've bought a 15.6 x 15.6 inches fresnellens for that. I thought...
  16. adoion

    Pressure cooker at 1 atmosphere?

    Hi, I just read that the operating pressure of a standard pressure cooker is 15 psi or about 1 bar and they claim that water boils at 120C or 250F at this pressure. But atmospheric pressure is 1 bar in Paris and almost 1 bar in most countries in the world, here is a link I found...
  17. O

    Styrofoam cup in pressure cooker

    Hello. If you give a styrofoam cup to pressure cooker, it expand first, but than it extremely reduce. It reduce because the high pressure of the water vapor within the pressure cooker compresses or squeezes the tiny air pockets within the styrofoam cup and reduces the size of the cup, ok. But...
  18. T

    Making a pressure cooker from scratch - with equations

    Hi all. I'm new here. My name is Tobias and I'm a danish resident. For a long time it has been on my mind to make a pressure cooker, since that I will be needing one in the near future for an agricultural project (a small mushroom farm in my apartment, which i plan on selling to...
  19. A

    Pressure Cooking: How Does It Get Hotter Than 15 psi?

    Okay so if 1 atm is the pressure in our natural surroundings (I know it depends on altitude, but humor me, ummkay?), and 1 atm = 15 psi, then why does a pressure cooker get water to boil at 121 degrees Celsius. I mean the pressures are the same. How does a pressure cooker allow it to get hotter?
  20. E

    Cooker throttles when water boils

    Hello everybody! I'd like the cookers to reduce and adjust their power automatically when the liquid in the pan starts to boil, or the oil in the frying pan. Induction cookers, and some others, react quickly enough for it. Maybe they exist already? I suggested it to a Spanish company in...
  21. G

    Pressure in a Cooker at 390.2 K and 6 L Volume with 27 g Water

    [b]1. A pressure cooker with a volume of 6 L is filled with 27 grams of water and heated to 390.2 K. What is the pressure (atm) in the cooker [b]2. 3) PV = nRT [b]3. P(6)=27*0.082*390.2 P=144
  22. C

    Something Scary Just Happened: Cooker Knob Malfunction

    Something scary just happened. Ok not really but to me it was. The knob on our cooker hop somehow just malfunctioned. It was already kind of not working properly but when my grandma tried to use it to turn off the fire it suddenly couldn't work. I wanted to use the fire extinguisher we had at...
  23. M

    Will an induction cooker work in reverse if a hot pan is place on the coil?

    I was wondering whether an induction hob cooker would work in reverse if a hot pan is placed on the coil - so would this generate a current? I would assume not as the heat induction pan wouldn't be able to create a magnetic field in the coil?
  24. S

    What are the differences between a solar cooker and a solar oven?

    What is the different between solar cooker and solar oven ? Are they same ?
  25. C

    Optimizing Pressure Cooker Steam Release: Weight Calculation for Boiling at 120C

    Homework Statement A pressure cooker has a lid screwed on tight. A small opening with A=5 mm2 is covered with a weight which can be lifted to let steam escape. How much mass should the weight have to allow boiling at 120 C with an outside atmosphere at 101.3kPaHomework Equations p=f/a...
  26. D

    Finding the Optimal Mass for a Pressure Cooker Cover

    Homework Statement A pressure cooker is a sealed pot designed to cook food with the steam produced by boiling water somewhat above 100 C. Consider a pressure cooker with a weight of mass m covering the only hole (which has a diameter d = 0.003 m) on top of it. What should m be in order to...
  27. wolram

    Where Does All the Carbon Come From? Tips for Easier Cooker Cleaning

    These things are the hardest things ever to keep clean, where does all the carbon come from? I sure hate cooker cleaning.
  28. M

    How does the induction cooker work?why aluminium pot does not work ?

    How does the induction cooker work?why aluminium pot does not work? Thank you in advance
  29. wolram

    Cooker broke, how to cook chicken

    there has been a power cut and i can not get my cooker to work, the blasted thing is stuck in auto which only gives a few minutes cook time, i have tried rebooting it and booting it but the thing remains on auto, i have tried every combination of button pressing with no luck, i am starving...
  30. C

    Calculating Force on Pressure Cooker Lid with Changing Temperature

    Homework Statement A pressure cooker is a pot whose lid can be tightly sealed to prevent gas from entering or escaping. 1-If an otherwise empty pressure cooker is filled with air of room temperature and then placed on a hot stove, what would be the magnitude of the net force F_120 on the...
  31. wolram

    Cooker broke after lightning storm

    Ever since a lightning storm (last week) my cooker will not go for more than 5 minutes, i set the power and 5 minutes later it sounds an alarm, now i know it has a timer on it but i can not get it to disengage, the buttons i have are, minut minder, cook period, end time, manual, - and +, i have...
  32. U

    Thermodynamics - A Real Pressure Cooker

    Ok I am getting frustrated by these two questions in my physics assignment that seem simple but I just can't get the correct answer for. 1. If an otherwise empty pressure cooker is filled with air of room temperature and then placed on a hot stove, what would be the magnitude of the net force...