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Calculators A proper calculator for Christmas

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    Hai, calculators connoiseurs, hope you can help this lost lamb.
    Non-connoiseurs, come in, you might learn something from our experts in the field :biggrin:
    Now...I've used a Sharp EL-506W for four and half years. Its main drawback is the lack of a proper way of representing big huge equations. I'm also close to taking basic calculus, so I'm in the need of something of higher class.
    Asking IRL has strongly discouraged the use of Sharp, and ended up promoting the Casio fx-991 ES, which does have natural display. I've checked this model a bit and I've found it impossible to find a history of already-solved operations. My current 506 can hold some history which is easy accessed.
    BUT! I also found these: EL-W516B and EL-W516XBSL, both of which have something similar to natural display. I also found it somewhat difficult to navigate through a long equation in NatDisp. On those two, I've found the first one to use conventional LR44 batteries, and the second one says "Batteries 1 Nonstandard Battery batteries required. (included)", which could be a big problem for me, as their 'nonstandard' battery could be highly costful and hard to find. So, what does PF recommend me? I'm in my second year of HS, currently. I'm pretty sure I don't need a graphic-capable calc. While playing Doom and Pokémon is nice....no....I doubt I'll ever use it properly.
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    I'm doing upper levels at the moment, I use this guy.


    I hardly ever use a calculator. I don't even bring it to exams. Anything really ugly I use maple and wouldn't even try on a graphing calc.
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