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Homework Help: A Puzzle - Algorithm Needed or Involved?

  1. Jul 16, 2006 #1
    I am trying to solve a puzzle. How do I find an algorithm (or a formula) behind a series of six two-digit numbers? (The numbers are as follows: 14, 21, 33, 41, 56, 68.) The two-digit numbers, although different from one another, are always the same ones given. Each time they are rearranged differently. I have been given 45 instances of these six two-digit numbers. I need to calculate the next sequence, the forty-sixth.

    Is there a formula (an algorithm) to determine the answer?
    Any help warmly received.
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  3. Jul 16, 2006 #2
    lots of algorithms you could attempt to use to solve this...
    The two problems this puzzle might be that come to mind are
    [0] the sequence maybe a permutation generator.
    [1] something to do with modulus.
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