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A 'QI' styled Question

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    Allo, wes geo hal,

    Here is a little question I devised is the style of the British reality quiz series QI hosted by Stephen Fry.
    The most obvious wrong answer will result in loss of points and correct answer gets points.

    Question: Is this diagram correct? If not, what is the error.

    Reply with your answer...

    The will be a prize...maybe.....if I think of something...
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    All you have to remember is that the one on the ground has a G and the one on the ceiling a C.
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    We always remembered that the stalactite needs to stick "tight" to the ceiling.
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    Wait so your answer is the labels are mixed up?.......



    That is not the answer.....

    Try again

    I do not think you understand the rules; you need to give a straight forward answer, not an anecdote that gives a vague response. Perhaps you need to have watch QI to understand.
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    The answer to the first question is "No." Several people have responded that stalactites hang from the ceiling of a cave, while stalagmites grow upward from the cave's floor. I don't see that there were any "vague responses."

    What's your point here?
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    Wait so your answer is the labels are mixed up?....... WRONG! That is not the answer.....

    I might as well give the answer away

    Answer: The lettering is upside down; the diagram is upside down. The diagram is correct, just that the labels are upside down.

    Get it? It is supposed to be a trick question. The trap is that you answer that the diagram is incorrect and the labels are mixed up.
    It is suppose to be like the TV show QI where alot of the questions are trick ones.

    I just posted this as a fun quiz to see if anyone gets it

    Wes geo hal
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    This is just plain silly.
    Thread closed.
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