A really big stem and leaf plot?

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There are seven Mice.

For every Mouse, there are seven Hippos. For every Hippo, there are seven Bats. For every Hippo, there are seven Hawks. For every Hawk, there are seventeen Kites. For every Kite, there are seven apples. Every thing has six bugs. Every Bug has seven Fleas.

How many Fleas are there total?

I tried making a stem and leaf plot but it is just not working out.

Any one with help? please
Should this be in the H/W section? well here's how i started it:

1Mouse->7Hippos; 7Mice->49Hippos
1Hippo->7Bats; 49Hippos->343Bats
1Hippo->7Hawks; 49Hippos->

hope this helps


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Just count how much of each thing there is, and add them all up. Then multiply by the number of bugs, then by the number of fleas
i tried to count them up but i keep getting the answer wrong?
what type of answers are you getting? i'm getting something in the range of millions of fleas
i got 1.3 million. any where near yours
i got around 1.9million
I don't know if my math is right in this case, so check up guys!

Heres my answer,

7 mice = 49 hippos
49 hippo = 343 bats
49 hippo = 343 hawks
343 hawk = 5831 kites
5831 kite = 99127 apples

Thats what i get after solving each "equation" to get the resultant amount of each things. Now i get the total of the above, which comes up to be 105700. As all of these total have 6 bugs, i multiply the answer with six, i.e. 105700*6=634200. Now each of these value has 7 fleas, so multiply the result with 7 to get 4439400. Is that the right answer?



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No I think the answer is 1990380. It's a dumb qustion though.
i'll tell you at the end of the week wheni should know

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