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Suggestion A request for a political discussion.

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    I would like to see a closed debate sub-forum for Obama, McCain and staff, at Physics Forums. After watching the debate, I believed that it was insufficient -at least compared to what could come from a discussion hosted here could offer. If it could be offered to them, I do believe that it would provide the best opportunities for everyone to express their concerns and have questions answered by some of the best minds around.
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    If they both are ignoring the request of a debate by the Science Debate 2008 that is endorsed by so many Nobel Laureates, what makes you think they'll come to some internet forum to state their case?

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    It would be great if PF had the kind of influence to attract two presidential nominees to a closed forum, however . . . .

    I believe McCain's and Obama's schedules are fixed between now and Nov. 4.

    After watching part of the debate last night, I doubt we'd get satisfactory answers to any question. I wouldn't trust either staff to give knowledgeable answers.

    Starting with a direct question on the current financial crisis and the government bailout, I'm not sure either really understands what is going on, and it's not clear to me that anyone in Washington (the federal government) really understands the magnitude or gravity of the problem, except possibly for Paulson and Bernanke, but I can't imagine they have had time to check all the balance sheets of all the distressed financial companies.
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