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A rotating magnetic field. Does any one know how this is done?

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    He also has seven other videos entitled Tracmag#2, Tracmag#3 and so on. I've put in a request to purchase a Tracmag for the intention of testing the rotating magnetic field. Since the maker of the devise has not revealed that it has an AC source or DC, I would appreciate your input, it is however my hope that the set up is DC.

    Thanks to anyone that can clear this up for me. I'd like to be able to construct one myself. If it's no too much to ask, watch all 8 videos since differant aspects are shown in each clip.

    Thanks again
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    I'm not inclined to watch YouTube videos at work. Do you have any other web links to the information?
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    No I can't say there is another link that features this apparent rotating magnetic field. Thanks for your reply though. I'll see if I can find another site that features this type of, apparent, flux field manipulation.
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