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Classical A source for solved problems in Kinetic theory of gases

  1. Mar 9, 2016 #1
    I am doing a course on statistical mechanics and we are using the textbook by Mehran Kardar. We are currently dealing with a chapter on kinetic theory. The problem is, I find the exercise problems to be quite tough (and many of my classmates agree with me), and there are no good solved examples that help familiarize with the topics first. Moreover, the text is quite terse and doesn't prepare me for the problems. Are there other textbooks that discuss kinetic theory, with solved examples. I would later like to do the problems in Kardar myself.
    (The contents of the chapter includes liouville's theorem, BBGKY, boltzmann equation, H theorem, eqbm properties, conservation laws 0th order and 1st order hydrodynamics. Most of the other textbooks I have seen either do not discuss kinetic theory in as much detail, or they are scattered all over the text. One book that does include most of these is by Tolman, but there isn't a single problem, not even exercises in the whole text.)
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