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About internships related to quantum information science

  1. Jan 9, 2016 #1
    Hi, guys, I am an undergraduate pursuing electronics and communication in her 3rd year. For last few months, I have been trying to obtain internships in the field of quantum information so that I could have more exposure to it. I am already pursuing the subject learning it in bits by bits and doing a project under my university professor. I have been struck with an idea of harnessing quantum entanglement into a device. To the professors, I mentioned that idea they praised it - meaning it is not unrealistic and naive. But when I tried to explain laboratory professors about it I wasn't getting much of a response. Most of them respond saying there aren't enough sponsors for international students. I don't think they even consider this.
    Well, my question is what are the labs working in the quantum entanglement that allow undergraduate interns like me. Or are there some companies working in the related field.( I know it is much harder to get an internship in a company than at a lab. )
    And should you focus more on publishing the mechanism you are working on in order for them to take you seriously, If yes please guide me on this considering I am a beginner.
    Any help is appreciated.
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    Chegg.com has a sub-site on internships for students at different levels: internships.com . You my want to write down on your ideas, send them to yourself in a sealed envelope (without opening it ) so you can argue the ideas are yours. You may not be able to start working precisely on your idea right away, but maybe you can get an internship and get a foot in the door. Good luck!
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