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  1. S

    Physics DoE SULI acceptances?

    Has anyone heard back from SULI yet? I applied for the Fall 2020 internships with LANL as my first choice and have yet to hear anything in reply. My status still says "Application complete and pending." I don't know if there's a wait list or if I wasn't accepted or if COVID is slowing things...
  2. J

    Need Ideas on Where to go For a Physics Internship

    Hey, I have been given the opportunity to go on a free six-week internship at almost any college or university around the country, and I need help finding out which colleges and universities have great physics opportunities along with people who are willing to take a 17 year old. Any ideas will...
  3. LeftMyHeartInErebor

    Other Summer Internships

    I'm trying to think ahead and start looking for summer internships, I'll be done with my sophomore year of physics by then. I know there are a lot out there, I know of a few, have stumbled on a few, how do I find more? I know that getting as much experience as possible is necessary for my...
  4. H

    SULI DOE acceptance Spring 2016

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has heard back from the DOE regarding the SULI applications. I applied to the following labs: - Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (astronomy, plasma physics) - Los Alamos national lab (astronomy, condensed matter) In the key dates it says that all offers...
  5. B

    Why don't I get international internships? (Volvo, Nissan)

    I'm from eastern part of Europe. Does that make me less likely to get international internships/jobs in England or USA? I've been rejected several times by Volvo and Nissan. There's no way I'm under-qualified already having >1 year industrial working experience and enrolled in master production...
  6. M

    Question about an internship

    Hello: I've been trying to find a physics internship, research program, learning experience program, etc. etc. during the winter break in the USA (between the middle of december to the middle of january - so about 1 month). Can anyone guide me to any resources that might help my search. I have...