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About music, sounds and how they interact with the body

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    First of all,

    Thank you very much for you time if you're reading my question.

    I just want to know how things work (i guess all of us), and some guidance will be more than welcomed.

    One of the questions that i have in my mind is:

    Could the sound waves (e.g:a song or a sound) make some changes in the elementary particles or simply in the particles, atoms, molecules up to the point to affect a whole body a whole life and their sourroundings?

    It's like of a chain of events.

    I know that i'm stepping a bit into other fields. But feel that all is related.

    I'd like to ask if some research has been done with elementary particles and sound.

    It's some kind like Masaru Emoto and his work on the molecular structure of the water, but about the music and the sound.

    Maybe i'm asking some naive questions, but i'll be grateful if somebody share his/her points of view with me.
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    Sorry, but work along the lines of Masaru Emoto are banned here. We deal with actual science, please read our rules. Thread closed.
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