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About Strand Model of CS Schiller

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    I don´t continue the other threads because I can´t post a new thread in them. It is a very basic question. The strand model deduce GR, quantum physics ( Dirac Equation), thermodynamics, but it must deduce really QFT with GR incorporated, not the separate theories. The final theory must be a QFT, and the other theories ( classical physics, etc....) valid aproximations in a determinate range.

    But in the book of Motion Mountain anyway that is not what it happen , isn´t it?. I have difficult too because there is no equation when you speak of strands, only pictures till the final equation. My spatial vision is null ( definitively I can´t become an ingeneer hehe), physics was my salvation and I cant´understand the pictures of strands.

    But anyway, all the arguments for no real points-space are from a conjunction of GR an quantum theory, I have no problem with this argument, but the deduction, it mustn´t benn directly from a QFT.
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    A few years ago Schiller himself discussed his theory in our former Independent Research forum. However, we later closed that forum completely. As per our rules (click the Site Info link at the top of this page for further details) we discuss only theories that have been published in peer-reviewed professional journals. Schiller's theory does yet meet this criterion as far as we know. See the mentor's note at the top of this thread which is now closed:


    If the theory does get published, it will become a permissible subject for discussion here.
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