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About the mass stopping power of muon

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    Dear all,

    I calculated the mass stopping power of muon but the result was 1.4 MeV.g^-1.cm^2.
    I calculated by BEthe-Bloch formular.
    I think it is wrong. since I looked up in the books and internet, this value is about 2 MeV.g^-1.cm^2.
    Can you help me. I also send the excel file as below.

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    hmmm... If you could explain what you actually show in the excel it would be easier for someone to help you. That's a common fact in everything [of course you know what you've been doing in the excel because you did it, but someone else doesn't know and you have to explain somehow how you moved and what did you do]

    eg. did you use this formula?
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