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About this strategy to prove Riemann Hypothesis

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    http://arxiv1.library.cornell.edu/PS_cache/math/pdf/0102/0102031v10.pdf [Broken] and http://arxiv1.library.cornell.edu/PS_cache/math/pdf/0102/0102031v1.pdf [Broken]

    what do you think ?

    Author defines 2 operators [tex] D_{+} [/tex] and [tex] D_{-} [/tex] so they satisfy the properties [tex] D_{+} = D^{*}_{-} [/tex] [tex] D_{-} = D^{*}_{+} [/tex]

    [tex] D_{+} =x\frac{d}{dx}+ \frac{dV}{dx} [/tex]

    [tex] D_{-} =-x\frac{d}{dx}+ \frac{dV}{dx} [/tex]

    If we define the Hamiltonian [tex] H= D_{+}D_{-} [/tex] this Hamiltonian would be Hermitian

    and the energies would be [tex] E_{n}= s_{n} (1-s_{n}) [/tex] , here 's' are the zeros for the Riemann zeta function , so since the eigenvalues are real s(1-s) is real ONLY whenever ALL the zeros have real part 1/2 but ┬┐is this true ? , have this man proved Riemann HYpothesis ???
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    Talking about the "Hamiltonian" and "energy" for a purely mathematics problem looks to me as just a way of making things more complicated and vaguer.
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    it is simply operator theory ,

    although i believe that if s is an eigenvalue of [tex] D_{+} [/tex] , then the complex conjugate to 's' will be the eigenvalue of [tex] D_{-} [/tex] , so the Eigenvalues of Hamiltonian H will be [tex] H\Psi = s.s^{*}\Psi [/tex] , so perhaps we will need another condition
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    No .
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    Gib Z

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    It amuses me to research these crackpots. Besides proving the Riemann Hypothesis, he has also generalized General Relativity, Super String Theories, Quantum Mechanics and every other physical theory into "Topological GeometroDynamics (TGD)". He fraudulently states he is a Professor at the University of Helsinki, and provides false links to his non-existent University webpage to boot.
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    0102031v10.pdf this is version ten of the paper ... ???
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